Sweet Balsamic Reduction 375ML with Stainless Steel Pourer



Balsamic vinegar has a rich history. It has been treasured & enjoyed since early creation, from the affluent Roman emperors to the modern food connoisseurs of today.

This Sweet Balsamic Reduction innovatively blends & aromatically accentuates the flavours of modern & traditional dishes to create a new taste sensation.

Suggestion of use: Sweet Balsamic Reduction can be drizzled to enhance the taste & appearance of beef, poultry, lamb, fish & vegetable dishes.

It can also be creatively drizzled on cold pressed extra virgin olive oil & grated parmesan cheese as a delightful bread dip. Splashed onto antipasto, salad, or mix it into tapenades, or pour over strawberries & icecream. Sweet Balsamic Reduction creates an unforgettable dining experience!

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