Yellow superfood breakfast bowl packet surrounded by yellow fruits and a made up breakfast bowls. The breakfast bowls are paired with fig and dragon fruit. The background is marble and there are flowers in the distance.
A cacao latte held by female hands. Her head is cut off but she is holding the mason jar delicately. The milk/latte in the jar has a swirl effect as though it had just been mixed together.

Our Story

Food’s ability to nurture and heal is the foundation of Jomeis Fine Foods. 

The name Jomei means ‘he who spreads light.’ #SpreadingTheLight is the ethos embodied by Jomeis Fine Foods each day. It is our mission to educate people so they can future-proof their bodies by eating good-quality, healthy, nutritious wholefoods that taste good.

Vicki Nguyen, the founder of Jomeis Fine Foods standing in front of the nutritional latte collection. From left to right, the flavours are; beetroot, cacao, spicy ginger, turmeric, matcha, minty cacao and matcha and cacao. Vicki is smiling at the lattes

Meet Vicki: The Passionate Health Crusader

Vicki grew up in suburban Melbourne where dinners typically consisted of meat and three veg. She spent the majority of her adolescent life battling stomach troubles and later found out that she has a myriad of food intolerances, including an allergy to dairy and gluten. To combat this, she embarked on a gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free organic diet. She has since undertaken a mission to future-proof her body and it is her personal goal to live to 120 through the power of healthy eating and exercise. 

Feeling the immense benefits of a natural diet, Vicki has since lived by the quote by Hippocrates, “Let food be your medicine.”

A turmeric latte being poured. Behind it is another turmeric latte and to the right is a turmeric latte packet. the liquid being poured is yellow and it has been topped with cinnamon, this can be seen as the glasses in use are clear.

Meet Martin: The Chinese Medicine Professional

Jomeis Fine Foods was born when Martin, a Chinese Medical Professional, developed Australia’s very first Sweet Balsamic Reduction as a natural condiment for his patients to incorporate into their meal plans. He had been recommending vinegar as a natural condiment for his patients for many years to assist with digestion. However, many found it too acidic and often avoided this proportion of their meal plans.

A girl holding a matcha and cacao latte in a seated position. She is wearing an ovesized jumper and grey fuzzy socks. Beside her is a cinnamon scroll and a matcha and cacao latte packet.
A circle made out of the various flavours of lattes available from Jomeis fine foods. There are seven glasses in total. Four hands are reaching into the frame to each grab a latte. One is grabbing a matcha latte, one a spicy ginger and the other two cacao

Meet: Jomeis Fine Foods

Using his herbal medicine knowledge, he worked to reduce the vinegar and make it more palatable. The final result was enjoyed so much that his family and friends encouraged him to take it to the market. 

Combining Martin’s product with Vicki’s love of organic, natural food, Jomeis Fine Foods was established in 2002 and continues to spread light to others every single day.

Our Range

Our products use some of the most potent ingredients of the earth and are all 100% natural and plant-based.

Nutritional Latte Range

A great supplement for coffee, drinking chocolate, milkshakes and more, our Nutritional Lattes will help you feel great. With 12 colourful and innovative flavours to choose from, there’s sure to be one that you love!

Superfood Breakfast Bowls

High in fibre, detoxifying and packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, our Superfood Breakfast Bowls are a breakfast alternative that will have you feeling energised every single day. Each of our three delicious flavours comes with 8-10 servings!

Sweet Balsamic Reductions

Perfect over a salad, meats, vegetables, fish and even fruit, our Sweet Balsamic Reduction includes all of the same goodness as regular balsamic vinegar, but with a sweet, mouth-watering taste. We have multiple sizes available to suit your needs.


Made from the highest quality ingredients and hemp seed oil, our Terpenes work to naturally heal the body from aches, pains and stress. They are a fantastic alternative to modern medicines as they use only the purest ingredients of the earth.

Adaptogenic Honey

A deliciously nutritious manuka & leatherwood honey infusion. Our Adaptogenic Honey spreads perfectly on toast or crackers and adds a delectable touch when added to tea or hot water. In three unique flavours, we know that you will love these potent blends.