Meet The Team

A photo of Jomeis Fine Foods' founder, Vicki Nguyen, climbing a beach staircase. She is wearing red activewear and black sunglasses. Behind her you can see the coastline and a lapping wave.
Founder of Jomeis Fine Foods

Meet Vicki

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I'm a busy mum of two teenagers who is super passionate about living life to the full. I'm always looking for bio hacks and ways to achieve new milestones.

With a goal to live until I'm 120, I am eager about giving my body everything it needs to feel healthier, happier and stronger.

This outlook drives my decisions as I search for new ways to ensure my body gets the exercise, nutrients and love it needs to feel its absolute best every single day.

What's your favourite product from the Jomeis' Range? 

I love them all, so I'll have to give you one from each range.

- Dreamy Vanilla Latte

- Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction

- Muscle and Joint Terpene

- Beetroot & Cacao Superfood Breakfast Bowl

- Turmeric Honey

Why are they your favourite? 

Dreamy Vanilla Latte: Great for a sugar craving without the sugar! I love mixing it with some coconut cream and enjoying it as a mousse.

Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction: It tastes DELICIOUS over everything. My personal favourite is coating it over some nuts and letting them roast.

Muscle and Joint Terpene: I had surgery 8 years ago on my hip after an injury. I find this is the only product on the market that lubricates the joints and helps me get on with my day pain-free.

Beetroot and Cacao Superfood Breakfast Bowl: As a business owner, time is precious. As well as tasting delicious with nuts and fresh fruit, these bowls are so quick to put together, giving me the time I need to focus on our growth.

Turmeric Honey: This is the perfect elixir for sore throats. But more than that, its anti-inflammatory ingredients make it perfect for wearing as a face mask to reduce redness and heal dry skin.

What's your favourite thing about working at Jomeis Fine Foods? 

Travel, as my job takes me to some new, exciting places. In order to get our products on new shelves, it's essential I travel around the country and experience all sorts of new things.

What's your favourite quote? 

I have a few that I used almost daily!

Live life to the fullest and always do your best.

Little effort goes a long way.

The grass is greener where you water it.

A close up selfie of Lauren. She is sitting down and wearing a baby blue blazer. Her blonde hair is swept to her right side and she is smiling softly at the camera.
Admin and NPD assistant

Meet Lauren

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a mum of two boys who loves all things outdoors and fitness. When the opportunity to get out and about presents itself, I will always take it. I'm also super passionate about nutrition, and I am definitely a quiet romantic.

What's your favourite product from the Jomeis' Range? 

Only one? I can’t do that! Cacao Latte, Turmeric Honey and Cool Calm Collected Terpene Blend

Why are they your favourite? 

Cacao Latte - Chocolate makes everything better.

Turmeric Honey - Just add hot water, and you’ll see for yourself!

Cool Calm Collected Terpene - It really does take the edge off when you’re feeling stretched.

What's your favourite thing about working at Jomeis Fine Foods? 

Working for a brand that walks the walk and doesn't just talk the talk!

What's your favourite quote? 

"If you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness." - Joyce Sunada

A close up image of Rebecca. She is standing in front of some purple flowers and is smiling brightly. Her dark brown hair is tied into a messy bun and she is smiling brightly at the camera. She is wearing a spaghetti strap, blue dress.
Senior Sales Representative

Meet Rebecca

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Living in Tropical North Queensland, I am a mum who loves spending her time with her family whenever the chance arises. I enjoy everything about the outdoors, and I have a soft spot for the ocean and reef.

When I'm not out and about, you will usually find me relaxing with my nose deep in a book.

What's your favourite product from the Jomeis' Range? 

Minty Cacao Latte

Why is it your favourite? 

It’s a perfect pick me up during the day and a delicious nutritional treat at the end of the day. 

It also aids digestion and is high in magnesium, calcium, zinc and antioxidants.

What's your favourite thing about working at Jomeis Fine Foods? 

Being a part of an encouraging, caring and motivated team, Vicki is exceptional. Her positivity, determination and sunny disposition are infectious. Who wouldn’t want to work in that environment? 

Working with the Jomeis range is a pleasure because they are products that I personally enjoy and know others will as well. 

What's your favourite quote? 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi

A photo of Alyssa in her graduation gown. She is wearing a black dress with pink florals. She is holding the hand railing of a staircase and smiling brightly at the camera. Her short brown to blind ombre hair is flowing freely.
Marketing Coordinator

Meet Alyssa

I am a creative mind who is always picking up new hobbies, including sewing, cooking, arts and crafts and playing music. As quirky as ever, I named my ukulele, Banjo.

I love all animals, but I have a soft spot for big dogs, and I will always stop dead in my tracks when one passes by.

What's your favourite product from the Jomeis' Range? 

This is a hard one - but definitely the Jaffa Latte or Dreamy Vanilla Latte

Why is it your favourite? 

I’ve always loved having something sweet before bedtime, but hate the guilty, heavy feeling it leaves in my stomach. These lattes pack a nutritional punch, help relax my body and still let me sneak in a treat!

What's your favourite thing about working at Jomeis Fine Foods? 

I love that all ideas are embraced at Jomeis. As a Marketing Coordinator, I need to come up with strategies and plans to keep on top of things. Even when a new plan seems completely random, the team always takes the time to listen to it and bounce ideas. The girls are also lovely and did everything possible to welcome me.

What's your favourite quote? 

“Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game.” - A Cinderella Story