Our Sweet Balsamic Reduction

Sweet Balsamic Reduction was Jomeis Fine Foods' first product on the market. It’s just like regular balsamic vinegar, but instead of an acidic, sour aftertaste, it has a sweet taste that pairs perfectly with many foods, including strawberries (can you believe it?). Our Sweet Balsamic Reduction was born as a way to help those seeking a solution to stomach discomfort, bloating and digestion issues.

While regular balsamic is a great alternative and often recommended, many people dislike its bitter taste, making it difficult to incorporate into their diet. With our sweet alternative, people can do good for their gut health while choosing foods that nourish their palette, rather than cause them flavour grief.

Pour our reduction over salads, quiche, meat, ice cream and anything you can imagine to create a sweet, harmonious blend that elevates every dish. It comes in two delectable flavours, original and organic (cane sugar reduced).

What are the benefits?

Primarily, like all Balsamic Vinegar, our Sweet Balsamic Reduction is fantastic for digestion and can help cleanse the gut. If you’re looking for a detox, want to reduce constipation or want to say hello to a healthier, happier you, it is a must-add to your diet.

Some other benefits include support in lowering cholesterol and potential weight loss. It’s also anti-inflammatory and has anti-bacterial properties, making it suitable for promoting all-around health and wellness.

The way you consume our Sweet Balsamic Reduction is only limited by your imagination. We think it can go in everything! And we mean everything.

How do you eat it?

Some of our favourite ways to use our Sweet Balsamic Reduction include: 

As a topping for salads 

As a topping for pasta salads 

As a baste for meat or chicken 

As a marinade for tofu or tempeh 

As a marinade for vegetables 

As a sauce for roasted vegetables 

As a topping for ice cream 

As a dip for strawberries 

As a dip for bread (with dukkah and olive oil) 

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What do our customers say?

Your Sweet Balsamic Reduction is the best we have ever used.Of course we use it for Caprese Salad but it is also excellent to add to marinades for items being barbecued. We take bottles back to the USA to give to family and friends. - Pinkey A

We have been purchasing your sweet balsamic reduction for several years. We love it!! Have got other friends on to it too and they now ask us to buy them a bottle of this as their Christmas present. - Angela K

I've been buying your sweet balsamic reduction for years, we love it on a green salad or drizzled over roasted mediterranean vegetables. - Carolyn S