Three terpenes sitting on ledges, each a different height. The lowest one is a blue sleep tight terpene, the middle one is a pink muscle and joint terpene and the highest one is a yellow cool calm collected terpene.

Our Terpene Blends

Our terpene blends are sublingual drops that are made to help you relax and achieve true homeostasis. They’re fantastic for helping promote balance within your body. How does this work? 

Pain and stress usually worsen when your body and mind feel like there are threats present. This doesn’t need to be anything supernatural, either. It could be the threat of fear, such as worrying about a big project or feeling overwhelmed. Our terpene drops, therefore, work to remind your body that these threats are not present, so you can feel better, sleep well and achieve that feeling of true calm that you deserve.

Taking just three drops under the tongue once or twice a day can help alleviate pain or stress (depending on what you are looking to target). When shopping from Jomeis Fine Foods, you can choose between two terpenes, our Cool Calm Collected blend which aims to nourish the mind and ease stress or our Muscle & Joint blend which can also assist in lubricating the joints to reduce the pain associated with health conditions and injuries.

What are the benefits?

While we would all like to recover on our own, from time to time, we may need a little help overcoming mental and physical challenges that are stopping us from feeling 100%. Our Terpene Blends, for this reason, work to help you overcome the boundaries that may be reducing your ability to recover and achieve total well-being.

Our Cool Calm Collected blend is suited for those who may be experiencing elevated stress, may have anxiety or are looking for ways to overcome their mental limitations. Taking three to six drops a day can help you recover or feel more level-headed. It is a great tool to use alongside therapy and any current medication when you need increased support in finding balance. However, it’s important to remember this is not a substitute for treatment.

Our Muscle and Joint blend is best for those who are experiencing prolonged pain, such as that from a health condition or from a chronic injury. It can not only help to condition the nervous system but also help lubricate the joints and reduce inflammation to help ease the side effects of conditions, such as arthritis.

Simply use the dropper to dispense three drops under your tongue once or twice a day, depending on your pain or stress levels. Don’t swallow the liquid, let it seep into your mouth to ensure that your body receives the full bout of the benefits.

Your Sweet Balsamic Reduction is the best we have ever used.Of course we use it for Caprese Salad but it is also excellent to add to marinades for items being barbecued. We take bottles back to the USA to give to family and friends. - Pinkey A

We have been purchasing your sweet balsamic reduction for several years. We love it!! Have got other friends on to it too and they now ask us to buy them a bottle of this as their Christmas present. - Angela K

I've been buying your sweet balsamic reduction for years, we love it on a green salad or drizzled over roasted mediterranean vegetables. - Carolyn S