Episode 7 - Love, sex & the key to lasting relationships

An image of Lauren White sitting on a bed. She is wearing a spaghetti strap dress and has her hands folded over her knees. She is smiling softly at the camera which complements the soft background.

Episode Description

In our final episode for 2019 we spice it up with the hot topic of sex with sexologist Lauren White. We discuss what happens to our nervous system when we experience sex and how it impacts our body as a whole. Lauren shares her thoughts about relationships and how they should grow as we grow older. In her work, Lauren specialises in sex therapy for women, so we explore how sex can help you live a more fulfilling, happier, healthier & potentially longer life.Though Lauren is based in Brisbane, she still connects with people through online sessions. To find out more and to read through Lauren’s material, head to her website or connect via Instagram.