Episode 19 - Dr Isaac Golden: Homoeopathy

An image of Dr Isaac Golden. He is smiling into the camera. He is wearing a traditional hat and a suit. The image is closeup so only the tops of his shoulders can be seen. Behind him, in the background is a strong tree trunk and some greenery.

Episode Description

Today I talk to Dr Isaac Golden, a long-standing homoeopathic practitioner. In 1999 Isaac was awarded the Australian Homoeopathic Association’s Distinguished Service Award for his “many years of service and for his significant contributions to the homoeopathic profession in Australia”.

In his own practice, The Aurum Healing Centre, Isaac specialises in treating patients suffering from chronic disease using constitutional and anti-miasmic homoeopathic treatment. In particular, he specialises in the treatment of vaccine damaged children, and especially children who have been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.

Isaac is a world authority on homoeoprophylaxis – the use of homoeopathic medicines for specific disease prevention, and has undertaken the world’s largest long-term study of parents using such a program. He is currently Deputy Chair and Research Advisor to the National Institute of Integrative Medicine’s Ethics Committee.

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