Episode 16 - Andi Lew: Why a healthy nervous system is vital for our overall wellbeing

An image of Andi lew sitting on a green couch. She is holding a glass of water infused with limes. In her other hand she is holding a lime. She is laughing toward the camera and has a bright smile on her face.

Episode Description

Andi Lew is a leading wellness expert, presenter and best selling author.

She has written seven books on health & wellness and has been a regular on major Australian and American TV shows, such as Today, Mornings, 60 Minutes, NY Live just to name a few. 

In 2009 Andi won an award by the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia for her dedication to the profession in public education. To this date, nobody that is not a chiropractor has won this award.

Andi has qualifications as a Certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and qualified Chiropractic Assistant and we are inviting her on the show today to talk about what she knows best: The Central Nervous System and it’s key role in helping us to remain truly well,  & how having a healthy nervous system is vital for our overall wellbeing & longevity.

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