Episode 15 - Pete Evans: An exclusive insight

A close up image of Pete Evans. He is smiling past the camera and seems to be focused on something in the distance. There is a charcoal black background behind him. He is wearing a light grey t-shirt.

Episode Description

In today’s episode I get to chat to the one & only Pete Evans, a celebrity chef, an author, a documentary producer, a father to two teen girls & husband to Nicola. Pete is not only known in Australia and across the globe as a celebrity chef from My Kitchen Rules and The Paleo Way. Pete is also well recognised for the beautiful and often controversial voice that he gives to alternative ways of living, being & doing.

As many of us know, Pete frequently hits the headlines and is labeled a conspiracist by most media outlets, who incessantly try to dispute his comments as he continually pushes the envelope by challenging the status quo through questioning the narrative of mainstream thinking. I absolutely love Pete's incredible tenacity and passion for sharing information to help people see more broadly, think more openly and question absolutely everything!

Like many of you, I first became aware of Pete from My Kitchen Rules and it became very obvious that Pete's passion for the Paleo Way and his desire to empower people to take their health into their own hands was something he was completely evangelistic about. Raising topics like self care, self education, self governance and encouraging people to try something different to “see how it felt for them and their bodies” was refreshing and exactly the guidance that many people were searching for.

With so many topics that are hot right now and that Pete Evans is passionate about, there are obviously a multitude of different directions I could take this interview in, however, today I want to understand more about Pete Evans.