Whether you're feeling a little run down or you're just trying to make a difference in your health and well-being, one word you may keep running into is detox. But, if you don't know what detoxing is, nor what the benefits of detoxing are, you may not even know where to begin. 

Fortunately, with all of the products in the Jomeis Fine Foods range having detoxing qualities and being great for your health, we definitely know a thing or two about why this health practice is so important. 


Weight Loss

Ever felt super bloated after eating badly or not eating enough? This is the toxins in your body fighting the tissues in your body. As your body is exposed to more and more toxins, it may begin storing these as fat, which is often known as a toxic load. Adding some detoxing foods to your body is therefore important to not only stop this process from continuing but also to help you expel all of that toxic load from your body. 

Our Superfood Breakfast Bowl range is the perfect solution when you're looking to expel all of that excess waste from your body and start feeling less bloated. 

Ease up muscle and joint pain 

Anyone with arthritis will know that inflammation is a big no-no in their books. Inflammation, caused by toxins, can prevent your muscles from recovering after exercise. In the same way, it can limit mobility in your joints, which can cause you to feel stiff, sore and inhibited. 

Consuming a dose of anti-oxidising foods, for this reason, is a fantastic remedy for keeping your body feeling its best, even after exercise. Studies have shown that even those with bone or body conditions may see a reduction in pain from consuming anti-oxidising foods regularly. 

You don't need to eat plenty of oranges a day either to achieve this. Each of our Nutritional Lattes is anti-oxidising! Sub our your morning coffee for them to reap the benefits daily.


Clear up your skin 

The skin is one of the most common channels toxins try to expel themselves through. With excess toxins in the body, you may experience a build-up of acne, skin conditions or skin irritations. With this in mind, detoxing is key to keeping your skin shimmering and looking healthy. Try eating plenty of detoxing fruits, such as blueberries, to mend the damage caused by toxins. 

For teenagers experiencing acne, these small changes in diet can help relieve the pain and severity associated with hormonal acne. Our Turmeric Latte is a delicious and great alternative for ensuring your body has the nutrients to fight toxins. 

Remember, though, in severe cases, a professional opinion is always recommended. 

Reduce food cravings 

Did you know that toxins can make you hungrier? Above this, they can make you crave foods high in toxins, such as fast food. Crazily enough, they can make you crave sugar and salt in large amounts, which can throw out your diet. 

Detoxing by eating the right foods may set your cravings on fire for a few days (we get it). But, after about three to four days, your taste buds will change, making sugar and oily foods more of a 'treat' rather than a requirement. 

Before long, you'll be putting down that bag of chips and picking up an apple! 


Choose Jomeis Fine Foods to Detox

Detoxing isn't always easy, especially when foods and drinks don't clearly state that they will help you detox. That's why we curated a range of products that will help you eat clean while nourishing your body. From our Adaptogenic Honey to our Superfood Breakfast Bowls, incorporating our range into your life is sure to have you feeling great.