If you aren't culinary, you may know that there are different types of salt, but you may not know just how much they differ from one another. That's why our team at Jomeis Fine Foods are here to help you understand so you can make informed choices on the products you purchase. This includes making informed choices, such as choosing our Nutritional Cacao Latte over regular hot chocolate powder due to their different salt content. 


What is the difference between pink salt and table salt? 

Pink Salt Contains More Minerals 

You may be mistaken for thinking that sodium chloride is just sodium chloride. And that's okay! It's an easy mistake to make. But, depending on its source, salt can have different levels of mineral content. For example, pink salt contains almost double the amount of potassium and iron compared to table salt. It also contains significantly more magnesium, which is critical for muscle and nerve function. 

It is for this reason that when we need to use salt to get the flavour right in our Jomeis Fine Foods products, we always choose a pink salt alternative. You can find pink salt in our Nutritional Cacao LatteNutritional Jaffa LatteNutritional Minty Cacao Latte and all of our newly released Hoodles


Pink Salt Has Healing Properties 

Due to its high mineral content, pink salt is believed to have some healing properties. However, there is currently limited research on pink salt's healing benefits. So, it's best to take these with a grain of salt (pun intended). 

Though, if you look into the advantages of each of the minerals listed above, you can draw some linkage toward the benefits that pink salt may prove to provide once the research has been completed. This includes and isn't limited to the ability to lower blood pressure, regulate PH levels and improve sleep quality. 

As we mentioned, however, this isn't salt doing the work and is more or less the offset of the rich mineral content inside.


But isn't salt bad for you? 

Too much of a good thing can almost always be a bad thing. This goes for almost everything you eat. For example, fruit is great for the diet, but too much of it means that you will likely experience a spike in blood sugar. The same goes for salt and sodium content. 

It's important to ensure that you are not over-seasoning your dishes or purchasing products that are significantly high in salt (even pink salt), as this is where the negative impacts can kick in. These include high blood pressure and potential calcium losses. 

Fortunately, we only use the tiniest amount of pink salt in our Nutritional Latte and Hoodle recipes to ensure you reap the benefits of this great mineral, without going overboard. 

We recommend that you do the same with the dishes that you cook at home to ensure you're getting the sodium your body needs, while not potentially endangering your health. 


Dispelling the myth: Pink salt and weight loss 

Before we wrap up, we must dispel some myths about pink salt. While we are always here to help you choose healthier alternatives, we are not here to preach false information about the benefits of these alternatives. 

When the pink salt craze began about a decade ago, many people quickly jumped to saying that it is great for weight loss. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. If anything, the less refined qualities of pink salt may reduce weight gain compared to refined table salt, but consuming plenty of it will not help burn extra kilos. 

In fact, like regular salt, too much of it can be damaging. So, as we mentioned, always consume it in moderation. 

Remember, under-seasoning is better than over-seasoning. Your body will eventually not feel like it 'needs' plenty of salt on dishes. So, just give it some time to adjust! 

We're here to help

As always, at Jomeis Fine Foods, we understand that you may not be the experts at understanding the qualities and benefits of different foods, so we're always here. Whether you have questions about our turmeric latte or another product, you can always reach out to find out more.