Our boundaries aren't as obvious as a barbed-wire fence or a 'no trespassing sign. Rather, they're invisible and can't always be seen immediately by others. But, when made clear, they're extremely easy for others to understand. 

Difficult to establish and navigate, personal boundaries refer to the limitations you set on yourself and your interactions with others so you can feel safe, healthy and comfortable. Not only this, but the setting of and communication of boundaries are essential for our well-being as they give us a sense of agency and control over our bodies, space and feelings. They are also a healthy tool for setting the constraints on particular relationships and can help set the message on whether you intend for them to be friendly, intimate or professional. 

We can set boundaries across many if not all aspects of our lives. These include:

  • Personal Space 
  • Sexuality
  • Possessions 
  • Culture, Religion, Politics & Ethics 
  • Emotions & Thoughts 

And just some of the benefits that setting boundaries can lead to include: 

  • An improved sense of self-esteem 
  • Conservation of emotional energy 
  • More independence 

How Do I Set Boundaries Appropriately? 

Setting boundaries does not require you telling people straight away or writing them down in permanent marker, especially as these boundaries will usually shift and change as relationships evolve. While you should stay true to your boundaries, they must remain flexible with the situation at hand, otherwise, scenarios can quickly become rigid. For example, you must eventually open up to a romantic partner physically and emotionally, otherwise, there may be a build-up of tension. 

After all, the purpose of setting them isn't to avoid closeness altogether but to define how quickly or slowly you want to establish a relationship with someone. 

The best part about setting boundaries is that they don't need to be the same for everyone. Just as all relationships are unique, so too are the limitations you set on them. 

When creating boundaries for each relationship, it’s important to understand your rights. For example:

You have the right to:

  • Say no without feeling guilty
  • Be treated with respect
  • Make your needs as important as the needs of others
  • Honour yourself
  • Not meet unreasonable expectations of you.

Lastly, when setting boundaries, you must honour and respect yourself.

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