No matter where you look, health food providers, bloggers and nutritionists will quickly tell you to avoid refined sugar at all costs. While people in the health field know about the damage that sugar can have on the body, regular people, like yourself, may not. And that's okay. 

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we've made it our eternal passion to educate others. We want to show people how the right diet can change their lives forever. Our very own, Vicki Nguyen, also leads by example by living a healthy, nutritious and sugar-free lifestyle. 

But don't worry. We're not here to completely turn you off sugar. Sometimes you do need a sweet treat as a reward. But, we are here to show you why reducing your intake can make all the difference. 

Reducing refined sugar intake will help you lose weight 

No surprises here. Sugar is directly related to weight gain. It is a major contributor to obesity around the world. Excessive sugar consumption can even cause leptin resistance. This is an important hormone that essentially tells your body when to stop eating. So, it can mean that you always feel hungry, even if you just ate. 

To put it into simpler terms. Sugary foods may only momentarily help you feel full, which means you are likely to eat more to feel completely satisfied. This usually results in eating far more than your body requires, contributing to weight gain. 


Eradicating refined sugar from your diet reduces the risk of heart disease 

Refined sugar is, unfortunately, not a natural compound. As this processed supplement has only been recently invented in the last few decades, our bodies don't know how to process it. The result? Increased inflammation in the body, increased blood pressure levels and increased blood sugar. These are both risk factors for heart disease. 

Reducing this sugar intake or using natural supplements to sweeten your food, such as our nutritional green leaf stevia, can prevent this inflammation and keep you feeling your best. 


Sugar is directly linked to acne 

Though acne can also be hormonal, those without a genetic history of acne may find they develop it when they consume too many sugary foods. Like heart disease, this happens because the body's blood sugar levels have risen. It can also cause insulin to rise, which increases oil production and inflammation. In the end, this oil buildup can clog the body's pores and cause irritable acne. 

Ance caused by sugary foods is typically worse in teenagers as their bodies are also undergoing hormonal changes. So, limiting their sugar intake, or encouraging them to consume sugar-free products, like our Nutritional Lattes, can reduce this inflammation. 

Reducing sugar intake can improve your mood 

Sugar and poor diet have been linked to poor mental health. The reason for this is that the body becomes nutrient-deficient and doesn't have the vitamins and minerals it needs to stimulate feel-good chemicals. 

Consuming too much sugar can, therefore, impact the body's ability to remain happy or adapt to stress. Again, we aren't saying you need to eradicate sugar. But, subbing out a sugary food for something healthy can make all the difference. An example would be subbing your regular breakfast cereal with our Superfood Breakfast Bowls. This can eradicate a large portion of your daily intake of sugar. 


Sugar drains your energy 

Though sugar high is a common term given to kids that are energetic after eating, sugar reduces the body's energy. Essentially, when consumed, refined sugar will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. You may then experience a quick burst of energy. But this will go away as quickly as it comes. 

As sugary products rarely contain fibre, fat or protein, they don't give the body anything to burn for long periods. As a result, those consuming a high-sugar diet usually feel sluggish and sleepy. 


Remember to make the conscious choice 

If you are looking for ways to reduce sugar intake, it's easy. Choosing to swap out certain foods for others can make all the difference. This could be something like subbing out a chocolate bar in your lunchbox for a piece of fruit. Every little bit you reduce can make all the difference. So, even the smallest changes can have a significant impact on your health. 

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