Instant noodles, oh how we love them as a quick lunch or dinner option, especially when life gets crazy. But, oh, how much our body doesn't love them. While they're cheap, quick and easy, instant noodles have been renowned for containing high levels of salt, sugar and artificial flavours, which aren't very good for our gut health. 

Cue our Hoodles, which are the healthy instant noodle alternative packed with flavour, nutrition and deliciousness. Swap them out for your regular instant noodles to enjoy the same delicious flavours, but with a hit of gut-loving goodness. When they're in your pantry, this gluten-free noodle will change your life. So, what are you waiting for - order them here.

And while you wait (and may have some regular noodles to eat), here's what you can do to add an extra hit of healthiness to those leftover instant noodles you have at home. 

Add some veggies 

Don't let your leftover vegetables go to the bin. Whether you have some frozen broccoli in the freezer or some corn lingering in the bottom of the fridge, adding it to your noodle broth can make it all the more nutritious. Find veggie combinations that work for you, or simply make your instant noodle days an excuse to clear out the fridge, it's completely your call. 

Add some probiotics 

Ingredients, like kimchi and tofu, are packed with probiotics, which are critical for creating a healthy microbiome. Whether you're snacking on our sugar-free instant noodles (Hoodles) or an alternative choice, adding in these probiotics can make all the difference to your digestive system. 

You don't need to choose between one or the other, either. How about adding both tofu and kimchi for a health-infused meal? 

Swap your flavour sachets for spice 

When asking how can one make instant noodles healthier, it doesn't always include adding ingredients. How about subbing them? 

The noodles in many instant noodle packets may not be gluten-free like ours, but a good percentage of them are still okay to eat. Where the damage is usually done is in the sugar, salt and MSG-heavy spice sachets. So, why not change it up? 

Try adding healthier ingredients such as onion powder, garlic, dried parsley and pepper to make a broth seasoning that works for you. 

Throw in some greens 

Yes, we've already spoken about veggies, but if iron is your priority you need more greens. Throwing some spinach, bok choy or kale into your instant noodles won't alter the flavour too much but can change the way your body feels in the days after your meal. You may even find that these ingredients help you go to the toilet, too, which is great for cleaning the gut. 

Throw in some protein 

Need some more protein in your diet? Cracking a raw egg in the boiling water of your noodles and closing the lid is a great way to get the perfect poach. If eggs aren't your thing, you can also add some cooked chicken, canned lentils or beans. 

Jomeis Fine Foods Healthy Instant Noodles will save the day

We know that adding all of these additional ingredients to your noodles can get expensive, especially if you're feeding more than one mouth. So thankfully, the Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles are packed with goodness. Add in extra ingredients or eat them as they are, and you'll reap the benefits regardless.