A photo of Jomeis Fine Foods founder, Vicki Nguyen. She is wearing a red, matching gym outfit. She is standing on a walkway at the beach. Beside her are the words "One Body One Life - with Vicki Nguyen." Below the writing is the Jomeis Fine Foods logo


I am Vicki Nguyen and I'm on a personal mission to live to 120 years old and I would love to take you with me! This podcast is focused on longevity and understanding how we can all live longer and stronger, through diet, exercise, lifestyle, nutrition and so on.

Each episode we will uncover tips and tricks to living your healthiest and happiest life for as long as physically possible. I will be chatting to the experts, as well as people who have defied the odds & explore various treatments & modalities to help us reach optimal wellness. Don't forget, you've gotta nourish to flourish!