Episode 34 - Shift Your Consciousness with Marcus White

Episode Description

Today I get to chat to the lovely Marcus White, a holistic health coach specialising in gut health, hormones & weight loss. I came across Marcus via an Instagram post shared by my sister & was astounded at some of the work Marcus was doing to help transform people & improve their lives. Marcus has experienced his own fair share of gut issues which led him on this path to uncover healthier ways to right his body, naturally, as opposed to medicate against symptoms. 

He offers 1:1 coaching plus 12-week gut health programs, he also has his own podcast called "Shift Your Consciousness" which focuses on bringing relevant health ideas & information to as many people as possible to help people heal, grow & live a connected life. He is passionate about helping free people from the indoctrination of mainstream medical ideologies, media & societal dogma, and instead helps empower people to take their health into their own hands.