Episode 25 - Connecting health with our DNA

Episode Description

Today on the podcast I chat to the lovely Dr Denise Furness. A mother of two, an award-winning medical researcher, international speaker and author with a PHD in Genetics, Denise is a Nutritionist & Fitness professional. As a CSIRO trained Molecular Geneticist, Dr Furness specialises in nutritional genomics & epigenetics AKA personalised health. Dr Furness believes there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to diet and lifestyle..

Dr Furness helps people identify triggers and underlying causes of their health challenges so they can live a more balanced and fulfilling life. A byproduct in my quest of longevity is being super interested in learning more about genetics & understanding how we can influence genetic expressions through diet and lifestyle. Be sure to follow up this episode in a few weeks time when we welcome back Dr Furness to discuss my test results!

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