When you think about healthy eating, you're not alone in that you probably thought next about weight loss. But here's the thing, healthy eating has a myriad of benefits for the body and mind, some of which can help you feel happier and stronger each day. So, if you're feeling an abnormality in your health, or you want to do something to future-proof your body, the first alternative you should seek is a change in diet. 

To help you understand just how much a healthy diet can impact your entire life, we've pulled out some of our favourite positive impacts of nutritious meals. But, before we begin, we want to remind everyone that while a healthy diet may consist of fruits, veggies and legumes, this doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some of your favourite foods. Find what system works for you when your working on improving your diet. After all, everyone is different, and no two people will experience the same results from the same eating habits. 


The benefits of healthy eating: Lower your risk of chronic health diseases 

Cholesterol and blood pressure are the two main cases (outside of genetics) for specific diseases. They are also, in most cases, easily controlled through the power of good and balanced eating. For this reason, eating well can lower your chance of chronic diseases, such as heart disease. 

Here's the thing though, healthy eating to prevent diseases needs to be a long-term effort. Eating healthy from a young age and carrying this into your adulthood and retirement years can significantly reduce your chances of becoming subject to one of these hard-to-manage diseases. 

Though in today's era, it can be near impossible to avoid saturated fats and salts, doing so as much as possible is one of the number one ways to keep your body's levels under control. Swapping out something like a breakfast sausage or pancakes with a Superfood Breakfast Bowl will put you on the right track each morning.


The benefits of healthy eating: Support immune function 

In most cases, immunity can be influenced by a good diet. This is because immunity remains on good antioxidants and microbes, which can be found in food. Therefore, without a constant influx of nutrients coming in from food, the immunity's function can quickly break down. 

You may have noticed this during times when you were forced to eat a lot of fast food or cheap meals, such as during uni when you were eating two-minute noodles or during times of high stress for your family life. Though you weren't exposed to sick people, you may have fallen ill a lot more often. Or, you may have found that you lacked energy, even after a long sleep. 

To guarantee you fall ill as little as possible and that you don't experience preventable auto-immune issues, it's important, therefore, that you are constantly fuelling your body with the important food groups.

Try planning your meals for the week all at once; this will guarantee that you get a good balance between healthy carbs, vegetables, fruits, legumes, meat and dairy products (where applicable). 


The benefits of healthy eating: Assist your organ function 

Diets that are low in unhealthy fats and rich in healthy variety are necessary to organ health. This is because junk foods, high levels of salt and elevated sugars regularly can contribute to diabetes, fatty liver, some cancers and chronic diseases, all of which are known to impede organ health and function. 

However, while we are growing increasingly aware of the negative impacts of bad eating on organ and bodily function, poor time and the current lifestyle is seeing astounding statistics in the market. Currently, 41% of the energy children get from their food each day comes from junk food. This is closely followed by 35% for adults. As we always say, this doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favourite foods and you can't snack now and then. But, choosing healthier versions of these snacks and limiting yourself to how much you choose to have each day can make all the difference to your organ health. 

This is also particularly important for teenagers who may be experiencing skin problems. As the largest organ in the body, the skin is one of the first to experience the negative effects of a poor diet. So, limiting the consumption of fatty foods can help alleviate acne. 


Remember: Healthy Eating Can't Be Achieved Overnight

Our bodies are made to adapt to our lifestyles, even when those lifestyles may not be ideal or considered healthy. If you are currently eating a poor diet and are looking to make a switch, it's important to remember that you can't do this overnight. 

So, start small. 

Making a change like only drinking water at work instead of soft drinks is a great place to start. You can then work to try and implement more greens in your dinners, such as adding beans as a side dish once every week. Slowly and surely, every change will make a difference and your body will thank you for it. 


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