We all need food to survive. But, unfortunately, so many of us have a bad relationship with food. We may blame food for poor weight control, or we might not know to help ourselves feel good through the right food choices. So, instead, we make poor food choices that can have negative impacts on our bodies, mind and well-being. 

But, if you haven't had a good relationship with food in the past, how do you develop one? 

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we have helped countless people re-invent their relationships with food, and we want to help you do the same. 

Here are some of our tops tips: 


Permit yourself to eat 

So many people believe that food is the enemy when it comes to their body image. This forces them to step away from food and skip meals, which can damage their health in the long term. Rather than turning away from food, it's more important that you focus on eating a balanced diet.

Then, when you're hungry. Eat. 

Failure to do so or creating rules around food will only develop an unhealthy relationship with it. In some cases, it can result in a fear of food too, which can lead to extreme mental health conditions. 

If you are worried that you constantly feel hungry, try searching for more satiating foods. This includes the new Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles, which are made to keep you feeling full for hours. 


Remember, bad foods are only bad if you let them be that way 

 At Jomeis Fine Foods, we are all about promoting healthy eating. But, it doesn't mean that you can't have a sugary snack now and then! 

Calling these foods 'bad' or labelling them as 'fattening' can tarnish your relationship with food. This is because you will begin to actively seek problems in everything that you eat. This sets you up for a very limited diet which can lead to health problems. 

Remember, bread, sugars and oils aren't bad when they're eaten right. If you struggle to understand this, rather than taking matters into your own hands, seek the help of a dietician or nutritionist. They can help you truly understand what your body needs. And remember. Avoid influencers. While they may appear fit and healthy, many of their platforms provide misleading information about healthy eating, which can be dangerous in the long term. 


Take food risks

Some people may have an unhealthy relationship with food not because of their body image, but because of their lack of experience with food. This may be due to eating a diet heavily focused on processed food as a kid, or it could be due to having a fussy appetite as a child. And that's okay. 

But, if you're looking to make a change, you need to explore your options. Start with fruits and veggies with a more favourable texture or those that are easier to disguise in food, such as frozen spinach. Then, slowly begin branching out to foods which may be harder to integrate into your diet, such as bananas, beetroot or celery. During this journey, you must remember that you're not allowed to like things. Some foods just won't be for you. But don't give up after trying them once. 

For example, if you try a dish with beans on the side and you don't like them, try them again a few weeks later in another form, like a frittata or casserole. Finding what works for you will always help you integrate more food into your diet and break away from an existing relatively limited selection of foods. 

Listen to your body

Our bodies are so smart. For this reason, they usually know what we need even well before we do. So, you must listen to it. 

If you're wondering how to listen to you your body, here are just some of our tips: 

- Stomach pain, bloating or sudden discomfort may be a sign of a poor diet or intolerance to specific foods. 

- Headaches, loss of appetite and poor focus can be signs of dehydration or hunger. 

- If you're feeling cold or lightheaded, you might be deficient in certain food groups, vitamins or minerals. 

Listening to these signs can help you understand the power that food has over your body. In turn, it can help you implement more positive foods into your diet and therefore help you for better connections with good eating. 


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