In a world where sugar can be found in almost everything, it's almost impossible to head to the supermarket and purchase something without sugar in it. You'd be wrong to think that products like frozen veg are sugar-free too (wow - we know!). However, there are many things you can do in your life to reduce your refined sugar intake and live a life that isn't reliant on this sweet, yet harmful product. 

If you've been thinking about reducing the sugar you eat, or maybe cutting your sugar out altogether, you should! In just a few short weeks, your body will reap so many benefits. Some of them include: 

Weight Loss Will Become Easier 

It's no secret that sugar is super high in calories. So, what happens if you eat the same tasty dishes you love, but cut out the sugar? The answer is an almost instant noticeable difference in your weight. After all, one of the best ways to lose weight and bloating is through a calorie deficit. In this case, however, rather than making yourself feel hungry for hours on end, you're eating the same amounts and just switching out the ingredients that are known to do more harm than good.

You may have developed a sweet tooth in all this time eating sugary foods. So you don't need to go cold turkey either. Start by slowly reducing the sugar your recipes call for and before long, you'll find them enjoyable, even without a hit of sweetness. 


Your skin will glow 

Sugar is linked to spikes in blood glucose, which, when above or below normal levels can age your face, cause acne spikes and slow the healing process. Sugar is also linked to the production of AGEs (advanced glycation end products), which, as it sounds can contribute to aging! 

So, if you're looking to reverse the clock without Botox, surgery and artificial fillers, it's time to start reaching for your veggies and saying a big no to sugary snacks. 


Your cravings will say goodbye 

We get it. One of the hardest parts of giving up sugar is feeling like you need it, especially after a hard day. Right? But like giving up all things, it's always the most difficult when you start. Rather than going cold turkey, try easing your way into cutting out sugar. 

Let's say you usually have a glass of soft drink and a chocolate bar a day. Maybe start with a glass of soft drink and half a chocolate bar. Then cut out little by little each day until you feel like you don't need all of this sugar anymore. Once you've eased it out, you'll find every day gets easier and that you'll no longer have a reliance on this sweet but harmful product.


You may even feel happier 

Eating sugar is often seen as a way to improve happiness. Think about indulging in your favourite chocolate after a hard day of work. But, what if we told you that this happiness is only momentary? 

That's right. In the long term, consuming sugar too much is actually linked to a decrease in mental health. How? It comes back to inflammation. 

When you eat too much sugar and your body becomes inflamed, you can see significant decreases in your brain function. This mainly impacts our ability to regulate emotions and to bounce back after facing adversity. Yes, we know it's oh-so-tempting, but this essentially means that reaching for a healthy snack, rather than a sugar-laden one, may not provide the same instant gratification, but will allow you to feel brighter well into the future. 

Want the proof? Think about those sugar come-downs kids experience. 

A good night's sleep won't be so difficult to achieve 

Sugar can throw our bodies completely out of whack. This includes our sleep cycles and our stress hormones. 

If you've had a sugary snack before bed, you may find you more inclined to wake up feeling tired the next day, not sleeping as deeply or that you have really strange dreams. If you want to enjoy a sleep that nourishes your mind, body, and soul, instead of reaching for that chocolate bar, why not opt for a piece of fruit? 

You'll thank us for it when you wake up tomorrow. 

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