We've said it so many times, but our Nutritional Lattes aren't just a drink to indulge in on a chilly morning or an evening before bed. They're your culinary go-to and a fantastic way to enjoy your favourite treats without adding excessive sugar and gluten to your diet. Looking for ways to put our Nutritional Cacao Latte into action, so you're not just using it as a drink? Here are some of our favourite ways to bring its incredible flavour and benefits to life. 

Turn it into a delicious chocolate syrup

Making chocolate syrup with our Nutritional Cacao Latte is not half as complicated as it sounds. All you need to do is mix water, allulose, our Cacao Latte and some vanilla together, bring it to the boil and let it thicken. That's right! You don't need any sugar, either. The natural sweetness of our cacao latte will make sure your syrup has a bittersweet taste that will have you coming back for more. 

Spread it over ice cream, cake or any sugar-free sweet of your choosing to enjoy a delicious snack without the guilty aftertaste.

Use it to make brownies

One of the most critical parts of making brownies is preparing a ganache. Usually, you can achieve this by combining chocolate melts or hot chocolate powders with some cream or butter. These taste great but often end up being packed with sugar, meaning you may feel more guilty than eating them than anything.

So, when you sub out the usual chocolatey ingredients with our Nutritional Cacao Latte, you are left with a deliciously healthy treat. Plus, you will discover anti-inflammatory benefits, improved mood and even some added vitamins and minerals you may not have gotten from a regular brownie. 

Turn it into chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse on a hot day goes down like a treat, doesn't it? But how about enjoying that same great taste again and again without feeling like you're eating foods you 'shouldn't.' For a great treat packed with healthy goodness and benefits, try mixing our Nutritional Cacao Latte with some evaporated coconut milk (preferably one that is unsweetened). Once the flavours have mixed together, pop it in the fridge for an hour or so, and voila, you have a chocolate mouse. 

If you like textures in your foods, you can also add pieces of dark chocolate or some nuts or seeds. Alternatively, top with fresh strawberries or raspberries for a fresh kick of flavour. 

Turn it into a face scrub 

Consuming our cacao latte isn't just the only way to use it. This delicious Nutritional Latte has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising properties, which make it perfect for reducing skin ailments, such as acne, dry skin and redness. Mix your cacao latte with plain yoghurt and raw honey, then spread it on your skin for a rejuvenating mask that smells delicious. You can use the Jomeis Fine Foods Adaptogenic Honey, too, making this Jomeis spa session you didn't know you needed.

Mix it into pancakes 

Is there anything better than a serving of hot pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning? We don't think so.

What we are sure of, though, is that pancakes can be full of sugar, especially if you're using a pre-mix. That's why when you make them from scratch, using our Nutritional Cacao Latte instead of sugar, you get a wholistic, chocolatey pancake that loves your gut. 

Top it with strawberries, bananas and honey for a sweet brekky alternative. It'll almost be too good to believe it's guilt-free. 

Use it in your next chilli dish

Do you like chilli con carne? Or maybe you prefer a vegan chilli. Regardless, even the best chillies can get a bit acidic over time, especially depending on the type of tomatoes you use. 

If you're trying to add some sweetness, without adding sugar, you may not have initially considered cacao. But, we promise that adding our Nutritional Cacao Latte to your next chilli dish (or tomatoey curry) can revitalise the flavour, add a sweet aftertaste and help settle your stomach to reduce that acidic bloating feeling. 

Enjoy it as a hot chocolate 

Just because our Nutritional Cacao Latte can be used in various recipes, doesn't mean you need to think of something new every day. Sometimes, a hot drink is enough to warm the soul and satisfy those sweets cravings. 

If you're looking for a chocolatey, rich flavour, mix it with hot water and a dash of milk. For a creamier hot chocolate, do the opposite, and use less water and more milk. Find what works for you, and a cacao hot chocolate per day will become part of your everyday routine. 

Shop the Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Cacao Latte

Our Nutritional Cacao Latte is a crowd favourite. And it isn't hard to work out why. Rich, sweet and guilt-free, it's a great way to ensure you can still enjoy your favourite sweet treats, without that guilty feeling of breaking your diet. 

Want to try it for yourself? Order it online today.