Our Nutritional Lattes

What are they?

The Jomeis Fine Foods Australian-owned Nutritional Lattes are coffee-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, healthy alternatives to your morning coffee or hot chocolate. Made with natural, plant-based ingredients, they are antioxidising and anti-inflammatory drinks that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. They come in eight delicious and sugar-free flavours: Cacao, Spicy Ginger, Matcha, Minty Cacao, Dreamy Vanilla, Jaffa, Beetroot and Turmeric, to suit your taste buds.

Though they have no sugar, they are naturally sweet, so you could be fooled into thinking we’ve added sugar to them. But, we only use natural green leaf stevia to make these blend flavours pop. And before you ask, no, this is nothing like bleached sweeteners you may find at any regular supermarket. Our stevia is natural, suitable for diabetics and may even lower blood pressure.

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in our flavours today and begin enjoying the Jomeis way.

What are the benefits?

We’ve already mentioned that these products are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising. But, did you know they’re also great for the body? That’s right - each flavour supports positive gut health, a reduction in bloating, improved cardiovascular health and improved brain function. Each flavour also provides its own benefits. They include:

Cacao: A natural sugar-free mood booster, a source of iron and vital minerals. 

Spicy Ginger: A powerful gut relaxant that can help you say goodbye to bloating 

Matcha: Fantastic for organ health and cleansing the kidneys 

Minty Cacao: A natural substitute for coffee that will perk you up on a morning 

Dreamy Vanilla: A relaxant and calming blend that can help reduce stress and anxiety 

Jaffa: A pick-me-up and skin-enhancer - a collagen producer 

Beetroot: Opens the blood cells to reduce muscle tension after exercise 

Turmeric: A holistic all-round healer that’s great for reducing inflammation

A turmeric latte being poured. Behind it is another turmeric latte and to the right is a turmeric latte packet. the liquid being poured is yellow and it has been topped with cinnamon, this can be seen as the glasses in use are clear.

Adding Nutritional Lattes into your routine based on your specific needs can help you achieve all-around goodness and wellness.

How do you drink them? 

Enjoy the Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Lattes hot or cold.

To prepare them hot: Examine the package instructions to determine how much powder is required for your unique blend. Add this to a glass with a splash of boiling water and mix it into a paste. For a watery blend, continue topping up with water and add a splash of milk. For a creamy blend, top with your favourite plant-based milk.

To prepare them cold: Add the relevant powder based on your package directions. Add this to a glass with a splash of boiling water and mix into a paste. Then top with your favourite plant-based milk and ice cubes. For an added touch, sprinkle some additional latte powder over your glass.

It doesn't just end there though! Use them in recipes to create nutritionally packed meals that are full of flavour. A simple way to make the most out of your lattes is by mixing them with hummus or yoghurt to create flavoured dips and sauces. Or, add them to your desserts for that extra hit of flavour.

Check out our recipe book below for more inspiration.

What do our customers say?

Love those flavours so much and not too sweet. Fantastic. - Carrie C

Love that there are options for products that are actually clean and good for you. - Sevi W

By far the best coffee alternative, really enjoy this, and have tried mixing my own or trying cheaper brands but prefer yours. - Peter B