Healthy eating has become such a big part of many people's lives nowadays. But, with so many brands and businesses now preaching the health card, how do you know when a product is healthy, compared to when it only appears healthy? 

We know the misinformation can be a nightmare at the best of times; so we're here to help you avoid myths you may have been fooled into believing. 

Lite does not equal light 

One of the biggest myths marketers have set free into the world is that products branded as 'lite' are instantly healthier and better for you. Let's cut to the chase, the definition of 'lite' is taken from the word light (duh), meaning the food is typically lighter than an alternative version. 

You're probably asking, doesn't that mean it's healthy? Well while it may contain fewer additives, sugars or fats, it doesn't mean it's healthy. It's like choosing a chocolate syrup labelled as lite because it has 1 tablespoon less sugar per bottle. Sure, it will have some positive impact on your body. But, it's still void of many nutrients that your body needs to be considered 'healthy.' 

Rather than searching for an alternative with fewer sugars or ingredients, try to find an option, like our Nutritional Lattes, which use high-quality, plant-based and natural ingredients that are good for the body. While we're proud to say we have achieved a sugar-free status, we didn't work on creating 'lite' products. We worked on creating nutrient-dense, antioxidising and anti-inflammatory ones that will have your body saying 'thank you.' 

You 'need' a fat-free diet 

Fats are not bad for you. There. We said it. What is bad for you are the wrong type of fats. We mean those saturated, processed fats that have zero nutritional value and that are often driven by midnight cravings. 

Where we're going with this is that any diet that tells you to cut out fats is robbing you of the nutrition your body needs to thrive. So, the best place to put those diets is in the bin. 

Instead, embrace a diet high in the right fats including avocado, eggs, nuts, tofu, yoghurt and salmon. Before long, you'll find that your meals can take your energy levels, motivation and productivity to incredible new heights. 

Supplements shouldn't be your everything

You didn't get enough fish today, so you popped a fish oil tablet. Or, you didn't eat enough dairy today, so you ate a calcium or vitamin D supplement? While these have some benefits for the body, they should never become your be-all and end-all. 

Of course, if you're low in iron, zinc or any other compound and need to supplement for a few weeks, that's totally okay. It's always best to follow your general practitioner's advice to ensure your body feels great again in no time However, making this a daily ritual for years on end can have long-term negative repercussions. For one, too high of a dose of vitamins can be toxic to the body and can lead to illness, stomach problems and even conditions, such as intestinal bleeding. 

On the other hand, in the shorter term, these supplements usually only contain a small dosage of the vitamins you need each day, meaning without the correct diet, they still may not render as large of a positive impact as you are looking for. If you find out you're potentially low in something and you're not at a point where you need to supplement, changing your diet is always the best first point of call. 

While we're on the topic of vitamins, did you know that our Nutritional Cacao Latte is a sugar-free hot chocolate high in iron, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and many others? Now, that's a diet booster you need in your life. 

Skipping dairy is not essential 

Now, before you shoot the messenger. Yes, our range is dairy-free. That means you can pick up a dairy-free breakfast bowl, latte, or instant noodle whenever you please. However, our products were made this way after our founder, Vicki, discovered she was dairy-intolerant, and not because we believe dairy is evil! 

In fact, dairy is a fantastic source of nutrients, which are super essential for living your best every life. Many research papers have also shown that there are no 'real' benefits of skipping over dairy in your diet (unless you experience pain or stomach discomfort due to it).

Now, you may be thinking about bloating. But, if you are looking to reduce this uncomfortable feeling, you should reconsider the amount of dairy you eat each day. Also keep in mind that the right dairy, such as goats cheese and yoghurt can have positive impacts on your gut health. 

Consult with the Jomeis Fine Foods team. 

We know that the dialogue on healthy eating is confusing and convoluted. With so much false information on the market, it can also be incredibly hard to make the right decision for your body, which is why we're always here to help. Feel free to browse our range at any time and if you need, you can always contact us for more information.