Gluten-free diets are relatively new to the world. While celiac disease has been known for centuries now, it's only been a few decades since we knew what needs to be done to enjoy a gluten-free diet without sacrificing lifestyle. With this, many people (even those without celiac disease) can now embrace a gluten-free life each day, without trading off great-tasting food.

But, if you don't have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you may be asking. Is there any benefit to cutting wheat products out of your life? The answer is absolutely, and we've broken it down below. 

Cutting our gluten can reduce bloating 

That afternoon bloating when your stomach won't stop making noises is the worst. Right? Many may attribute this to their morning coffee or drinking too much dairy, and yes, while this could be a reason, it's not the only one. In fact, gluten may be the guilty party here.

While this is only in early studies, try subbing out gluten-heavy meals for gluten-free ones for a month or two to see if it makes a difference for you. For many people, it has helped to relieve bloating, diarrhoea and uncontrollable gas.  

We recommend swapping out your toast or cereal of a morning for a gluten-free breakfast bowl from Jomeis Fine Foods. Packed with fibre, these are not only great for easing up that bloating, but they can help you go to the toilet better to promote a healthier gut microbiome. 

 Reducing gluten can ease constipation 

How many times are you doing a poo every day? Be honest with yourself. Are you even pooing once a day? 

Getting backed up is never a comfortable experience, especially if you've been backed up for days. And unfortunately, a major contributor to this can be gluten.


Many sources of gluten that are common in the everyday diet are complex for the gut to break down if you're not getting the right fibre alongside them. Even if you don't cut it out completely, reducing your gluten intake a little each day and making room for some fibre-heavy foods, including oats, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables can make a world of difference for how often (and how well) you go to the toilet. 

Saying no to gluten can assist weight loss 

Wanting to slim but feel like you've tried every diet on the market. We get it! But instead of cutting out your favourite foods, why not try a gluten-free substitute? 

This is known to help you lose weight but the reason may surprise you. This is because it's not typically gluten-related, but due to the drop in processed foods, which is often part of a glutenous diet.

News flash - most healthy gluten-free alternatives tend to be more natural and are often plant-based, meaning they don't go through heavy manufacturing and processing to achieve their state. The result is a diet with fewer saturated fats, sugars and harmful ingredients. Take our gluten-free lattes for example, they're not only free from wheat products, but they have no sugar and dairy either. 

Eating less gluten can reduce inflammation 

Too much gluten in your diet can create abnormal inflammation levels which can impact your body's absorption of certain nutrients, including iron. It can also cause conditions, such as arthritis and heart disease if not controlled correctly.

Fortunately, eliminating or reducing your gluten intake can reduce inflammation, causing you to feel more energised, healthy and ready to overcome any challenge your day throws at you. 

If you've recently been diagnosed with an inflammatory disease, reducing gluten can also assist you in getting this in control, allowing you to live healthier and stronger. However, as always, we recommend consulting with a doctor or dietician before cutting out gluten to ensure it's the right choice. 

Want more assistance on your inflammation-reducing journey? Our sugar-free hot chocolate and lattes are all anti-inflammatory, too, making them a great way to treat your body to the goodness it deserves.

Gluten limiting can improve your skin 

Struggling with acne or poor skin conditions. Have you considered that gluten could be the culprit? Many immune diseases from gluten can cause red spots and rashes around the body. These can be irritable and can worsen when you're enjoying gluten-heavy foods, such as a sandwich or breakfast cereal. If you don't have immune diseases, you're not in the clear! The inflammatory impact of gluten can still cause rashes and acne if you're not careful! 

Consider cutting some gluten from your diet and see if it makes a difference to your appearance and how you feel! 

The Jomeis Fine Foods range is gluten-free 

Our range was created after our founder, Vicki realised she had an intolerances to gluten. Since then, we have helped many connect with gluten-free products that have changed their diet for the better. Explore the range today to discover them for yourself.