Turmeric Lattes became all the rage just over a decade ago in Western culture. You can now find turmeric latte powder in almost every health food store that you happen into. This includes our own Jomeis Fine Foods Turmeric Latte blend, which is beloved across the Australian market.

But, while the turmeric latte craze has only really recently kicked off in Western culture, it has been enjoyed by people in Indian and Mediterranean regions for centuries. 

So, today, we wanted to dive into the history of this golden latte, where it came from and why it has held up as one of the best natural healers for the body; centuries after it was discovered. 

Where is the original turmeric latte from? 

The original turmeric latte differs slightly from the one we know today, especially in the ways how it is prepared. Though, it still reaps the same immeasurable benefits that we have come to know and love, including benefits to the organs, mind function and energy levels. 

However, those in India, where this nourishing drink first originated, know it by the name haldi doodh. This rich drink, which is now found in the hippest cafes around the globe, started as nothing more than a home remedy for colds, flu and all types of ailments. It was common that many mothers gave it to their children as a natural healer to soothe them and help them sleep. 

Due to its healing qualities, turmeric lattes have also been a critical part of traditional Indian healing, or Ayurveda, for thousands of years. 


How did turmeric lattes come to Australia 

The simple answer is multiculturalism. 

Just like it's now near impossible to go out without a woodfire pizza place nearby, we have become more and more accustomed to trying foods from other cultures. As Indian culture has become more widespread across Australia, so too has this nourishing drink. 

All it took was one entrepreneur to discover it, like our team at Jomeis Fine Foods, and it became quickly widespread. Plus, as it can be drunk with coffee, without coffee, with sugar, without sugar and with any milk of your choosing, it can suit everyone's tastebuds, which is why it didn't take long for many people to adopt this natural healer as part of their every-day routine. 


Different renditions of Turmeric Latte 

Like all products and foods that make their way to Australia, everyone will have a different take on them. So, you must find the turmeric latte blend that you like the most. For example, more traditional blends will have a spicier taste, which you may not be familiar with. Other blends may be smoother, but this may be achieved by added sugar. So, if you're drinking turmeric lattes for their benefits, it's best to look out for any nasties. 

The Jomeis Fine Food blend is the perfect balance between traditional flavours with a sweeter twist. But, it achieves this without added sugar, which can make all the difference to the health advantages it offers in both the short and long term. 

If you haven't tried a turmeric latte before or you haven't had much luck finding a blend you love, we know you'll adore our rendition. Try it here - https://www.jomeisfinefoods.com/collections/shop-all-nutritional-lattes/products/turmeric-latte