When all things chocolatey are considered, you aren't mistaken if you didn't know that cacao and cocoa were two different things. In fact, when prepared right, they also have a similar taste, meaning it can be near impossible to tell them apart. However, there are many differences when health benefits and advantages are weighed up. So, if you're looking to choose the healthier alternative while still enjoying your favourite sweet treat, we're here to help. 

Keep reading to find out more about the differences between these two ingredients and which one you should get more of in your regular diet. 

Cacao vs Cocoa: What are the major differences? 

Cocoa is typically the ingredient that you are the most familiar with. It is commonly used in baking, chocolate chips and most chocolate-flavoured baked goods that you find at the shops. However, it isn't so different from cacao at all. They are both sourced from cacao beans, and the only real difference between the two is how they're processed. 

On one hand, cocoa powder is processed at a much higher temperature and contains added sugar and dairy. They are also fermented to develop that beloved rich flavour and texture. 

On the other hand, cacao powder is made from beans that have not been roasted, and only fermented. By processing them at lower temperatures, they are then milled into a powder. This is typically more bitter in taste than raw cocoa. Though, this process alone means that the cacao beans retain most of their nutritional value, making them the healthier alternative of the two. Plus, you can always add raw honey, like our Adaptogenic Honey, to sweeten the taste, without any added nasties. 

What are the health benefits of cacao? 

We've already discussed above that cacao is the healthier of these two chocolatey alternatives. Though, to put it in retrospect, cacao is significantly healthier, especially when you're looking for an everyday health kick. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Disease-fighting properties 
  • Antioxidising powers 
  • Heart-protecting abilities 
  • Anti-cancer properties 
  • A great source of iron, fibre and magnesium 
  • Contains anandamide, which can improve the mood

It is still important that you check the packaging of the products you are purchasing, as sugar and harmful compounds can still be added after processing. For example, sugar and cacao powder can be combined to make cupcakes. 


We always recommend you look for products with the fewest additives possible, like our Nutritional Cacao Latte.

What makes the Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Cacao Latte Blend So Special? 

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we believe in using nothing but the highest-quality ingredients to ensure that your nutritional cacao latte blend is nothing short of exceptional and packed with health benefits. This means that you can rest assured that when you're drinking or eating products made with our Nutritional Cacao Latte, you're getting exceptional quality every time. 

Our Cacao latte is also so much more than just a drink. As it is sold in powdered form, there is plenty that you can do with it to ensure you get plenty of cacao into your diet every day. Some of our favourite simple combinations include.

  • Adding it to plain plant-based yoghurt to give it a chocolatey kick 
  • Sprinkling it over sugar-free vanilla ice cream to add a hit of flavour 
  • Mixing it with some gluten-free flour, baking soda and an egg or butter, then microwaving it to create a healthy mug dessert 

But this isn't all our cacao latte is capable of. You can substitute our chocolate powder and sugar in almost any recipe and add our latte blend to create a sweet, flavour-packed and healthy dessert. You may even dare to try it in some savoury dishes, such as a base, (with red sauce, of course) for your next lasagne. 

When you can, choose cacao

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we are all about moderation. We don't believe that you should sub out your favourite foods all the time on a big to be more healthy. But, we do believe that you should make the healthier choice, where possible, to live happier, healthier, longer and stronger. For us, this means subbing out one ingredient for the other when you can. In this case, it means opting for our Nutritional Cacao Latte over potentially sugar-laden alternatives. 

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