Episode 30 - ZEROFKS with Kat John

Episode Description

Today I get to chat to the one & only Authenticity Coach, Keynote Speaker, Real Raw Relatable podcast host, creator of the ZEROFKS movement Kat John! Kat has helped & continues to help thousands of people powerfully manage the thoughts in their head, so they can listen to their hearts and focus on what truly matters.

Over the last decade Kat has led the way to inspire people to live a life that is truth and authentic to them, and to focus on the deeper matters in their heart.  As a keynote speaker, Kat’s depth, real talk and cheekiness supercharges the energy of any room and communicates in a way that’s easy for people to digest. She speaks from the heart and to the human in all of us. She’s guaranteed to make you think, cry, laugh and leave you with something tangible to take away. Her audiences feel inspired, empowered and filled with hope.

After suffering six years of chronic pain, requiring brain surgery at the age of 23 years old she healed her pain in 10 months through radical change in her beliefs and actions. Kat has also overcome drug abuse, obsessive compulsive behaviours and childhood trauma, reinforcing that she is living proof that transformation is possible with the right tools in place.