Episode 5 - Fasting: The Healer Within

An image of Saxon & Sinclair Fischer-Gray sitting on the edge of a cliff. They are both wearing sports tanks and running shorts. They are facing the camera with the ocean in the background. It is a foggy day. They are both smiling at the camera.

Episode Description

In this episode I chat to the delightful brothers Saxon & Sinclair Fischer-Gray who embarked upon a 20 day water & 20 day juice fast. They captured their journey for their soon-to-be released documentary titled: Fasting - The Healer Within. We discuss various forms of fasting, with a deep insight into the reasons that led Saxon & Sinclair to discover water fasting and the benefits and challenges it brings to the human body.Follow Saxon & Sinclair's journey and stay tuned for the release of their documentary by heading to their website and socials below: