Episode 10 - Release the stress within

An image of Dr Nima Rahmany. It appears he is sitting on a stool as his legs are crossed over. He is smiling directly at the camera and his arms are folded over his knees. He is wearing a blue button up which works seamlessly with the white background.

Episode Description

In this episode I interview the life change master Dr Nima Rahmany whom spent 18 years practicing as a chiropractor, aligning peoples bodies, adjusting subluxations and balancing out nervous systems. Through his observations Dr Nima realised that in many cases, the pains and ailments people were harbouring in their physical bodies, were a direct result of some level of mental or emotional, stress, trauma, or blockage. Dr Nima created both The Overview Experience and Trigger Proof programs to help people breakthrough their trauma, overcome depression and anxiety, and start living the life of their dreams with authenticity, passion & purpose!

To discover more about Dr Nima Rahmany aka “The Stress Doctor” you can check out his website and socials below: