When you hear the word Nutritional Latte, you may fall into the trap of thinking that our products are only for drinking. We get it, the name makes it sound this way! However, did you know there are countless other things you can make with products like our Turmeric Latte Powder and our Spicy Ginger Latte Mix? Keep reading to find out more! 

Bake a cake with our nutritional latte powder 

Some cake recipes are laden with sugar, making them a turn-off for those trying to watch their intake. Fortunately, we have the solution. Simply choose any flavour of our nutritional latte mixes that you like and use them as a substitute for sugary ingredients. For example, mix dairy-free butter with our Cacao Latte Powder for a nutritional ganache. Alternatively, sub out the sugar and artificial flavours in your recipe with our Matcha Latte for green tea-flavoured bliss.

Use our nutritional latte powder to make a delicious sauce 

Bored of plain sauces? Try mixing plant-based mayonnaise or aioli with one of our more savoury blends, such as our Turmeric Latte PowderSpicy Ginger Latte or Beetroot Latte. This can create a health-packed and flavourful sauce that can elevate sandwiches, burgers and wraps aplenty. You can also mix the powders with creamy salad dressings to completely transform your next meal. 

Sprinkle our nutritional latte powder over ice cream

Who said you need to have every flavour of ice cream in your freezer? That's not only expensive but takes up A LOT of room. Instead, our Nutritional Lattes can be used to flavour any plain ice cream. We recommend a dairy-free and plant-based variation for the best results. But, you can experiment with any kind. 

Crowd favourites over ice cream include the Jaffa Latte and Minty Cacao Latte Powder. 

Enjoy your nutritional latte in an iced form

When summer rolls around, it doesn't mean it's time to pack up your nutritional lattes and never think about them again! Instead, it's time to pop some ice trays in the freezer, so you can enjoy your favourite flavours all year round. Simply dilute your favourite latte with some boiling water, then top with cold milk and ice. The result? A heavenly icy drink that's great for the mind, body, spirit, and gut health, of course. 

If you find that your iced versions taste a little more bitter, try adding some sugar-free honey to sweeten them! 

Mix your favourite nutritional latte with some boiled rice 

This one works best with our savoury blends, including our Turmeric Latte and Spicy Ginger Latte. Spice up your rice (literally) by adding half a teaspoon of our blend to 2 cups of rice. If you cook your rice in a rice cooker, adding our latte before it is cooked is the best way to get an even coat of flavour. Who knew making turmeric rice could be so easy? 

Make your nutritional latte into delicious icy poles 

Back onto the summer craze, we highly recommend turning our Nutritional Lattes into some summer delights. We suggest mixing our lattes with plant-based milk and then popping them into icy pole moulds. You can also add fruits or some sugar-free honey for an extra hit of flavour. When they're done, these make for the perfect poolside treat, especially if you're entertaining guests. We highly recommend trying this with our Matcha Latte Powder for a unique flavour sensation. 

The possibilities are endless

These are only a few of the mixes you can make when you have a trust Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Latte on your side. But, there are countless others. Make sure you tag us on Instagram with any unique recipes you create, so we can join in on the fun.