There is a lot of talk in the media lately about losing weight. And while the weight-loss craze isn't new, some of the diets and fads that have taken the world by storm are incredibly dangerous to health. Unfortunately, when people are desperate to lose a few kilos, they will do anything. Some recent trends even show people taking diabetic medication to lose weight. 

We aren't going to beat around the bush, some of these fads have proven to work. But, they are the worst possible way to lose weight healthily. In fact, they usually do more harm than good to the body, making it all the easier for you to put that weight back on. 

Fortunately, our team at Jomeis is all about spreading the light and helping you find the answers you're looking for. So, if you're searching for ways to lose weight healthily, you don't need to look far past the blog below. 


Don't skip meals

Skipping meals may seem like an easy way to cut down on some excess calories. But, it can actually make you incredibly sick. Mainly this is because you may miss out on essential nutrients you need to feel your best. For example, if you usually have an egg for breakfast every day, but then you stop eating it, you begin to miss out on a significant amount of protein each week. 

Rather than skipping meals, it's better to consider what you are eating at these meals. Having something like avocado on toast or a Superfood Breakfast Bowl will be much better and more nutritious than a sugar-laden cereal. 


Get more active to lose weight healthily 

Here's the thing, getting more active looks different for everyone. Some people may prefer lifting weights, others may prefer going for runs, and some may commit to taking 10,000 steps per day. 

Regardless of what you choose, getting more active is one of the keys to losing weight more healthily. If you are already active but are struggling to lose weight, you may need to consider the calories you are burning during exercise. 

If you are lifting weights but aren't pushing yourself, you are likely losing fewer calories than you think. Challenge yourself to beat your best every week. This is the key to seeing those kilos fall off.


Eat foods that are nutritionally packed to lose weight healthily 

After eating a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, you may feel hungry again not long after. Here's the thing. These foods contain empty calories. While they bring your calorie count up, they have no nutritional value. 

By definition, nutrients are fuel for the body. So, naturally, they help the body feel good, which allows it to stay fuller for longer. These empty calories in fast food or snacks, therefore, don't have the same effect, which is why you may find yourself eating more and more. This can significantly impact your calorie deficit for the day, which means you may struggle to lose weight. 


Remember to consult a professional 

One of the most important things to remember is that all bodies are different. Some bodies may look bigger than others but could be perfectly healthy. It is so important that you speak to a doctor or nutritionist before beginning your weight loss journey to ensure it is the best thing to do for you. 

If you've received the go-ahead from a professional, you should then browse the Jomeis Fine Foods range. We have a range of nutritional foods and snacks, like our Nutritional Lattes, that promote fullness to make weight loss all the easier. 

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