From when we are young, we are all taught about the importance of drinking enough water to boost our function and feel our best. After all, not only is our body weight made up of mostly water, but it is one of the beacons of well-being. 

Unfortunately, with coffee and sugary drinks dominating the market, it is incredibly rare for some adults to come close to their daily water intake. Though these alternate drinks can quench our thirst, they don't provide the same benefits as a cup or jug of water. 

So, while you're reading this article and learning about the benefits of staying hydrated, sip down a cold glass of water. You'll thank us for it later. 


Water Lubricates the Joints 

You've probably heard of keeping the joints lubricated, especially as you continue to grow older. But, what is the importance of doing so? 

Well, lubrication around the joints will protect and cushion them when moving. It is a necessity when exercising to avoid injury and long-term pain. With properly lubricated joints, you will notice that after-exercise discomfort only lasts for a short period or may not exist at all. 

As we grow older, we also grow more likely to experience conditions such as arthritis. Keeping the joints lubricated can help to reduce the discomfort associated with joint conditions and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Water eliminates toxins from the body 

To properly function, your body needs to be free from toxins. The best way to remove toxins from the body is through sweat, urine and bowel movements, all of which require water. 

For example, your body will sweat when hot to cool you down. However, you will then need to replenish your water supply. Nourishing your body with a regular supply of water can help your kidneys and other organs to flush out any unnecessary chemicals and waste. 

If you want to learn more about the importance of detoxifying, you can read our recent blog entry. Click here to view it. 


Drinking water can make you happier 

Dehydration is proven to stimulate anxiety, fatigue and anxiousness. On the inverse, recent studies have shown that greater consumption of water can contribute to a more positive mood, better control over feelings and improved sleep. If you are feeling a bit sluggish or negative, drinking an extra glass or two each day can help to elevate you. 


It is a fantastic weight loss agent 

Drinking more water, exercising frequently and consuming a balanced diet are the three pinnacles of a healthy diet. Make sure you are drinking the recommended amount of water for your weight to see the best results. Pairing regular water drinking with the Jomeis Fine Foods Superfood Breakfast Bowls is a match made in heaven for those looking to make a change to their body. 


Water keeps you regular 

Nobody likes to feel constipated. That bloaty and sluggish feeling can turn any good day into a bad one. Drinking water is just as important as consuming plenty of fibre when it comes to keeping your stool hydrated. 

If you are struggling when going to the toilet, it is recommended that you consume an extra glass or two of water each day. Many studies have also shown that carbonated water can help to ease constipation quicker. 

No matter where you are, what you do for work, or what your favourite lunchtime meal is, everyone should work to get more water into their diet. We find that having a 2-litre water bottle at your side throughout the day is a great way to set a water-drinking target. 

If you're still struggling to drink water, you can always mix some of our Nutritional Latte flavours into a warm cup of water for a sugar-free infused taste.