Bloating is one of those things that we all experience. While it's normal, that doesn't spare how uncomfortable and annoying it can be, especially when it starts to make noises. Given its natural, however, is this something you can reduce? The answer is absolutely yes. 

Find out how by reading below. 

Eat Slower 

Feeling like you're eating in a rush to get back to your desk? While it's noble that you're trying to get more of your work done, eating too quickly may be your number one contributor to that gassy, bubbly feeling in your stomach. This is because when you eat quickly, you are likely swallowing larger chunks of food, making your stomach work harder and harder to break down food particles. And when your stomach goes on overdrive, that's when the noise and the bloating instantly start. 

Exercise More 

It may initially seem like bloating is all food-related, but this simply isn't the case. Exercise is a leading contributor to those bloating feelings. So, chances are, if your stomach is gurgling and popping, you may need to go for more walks. This is because exercise not only works to tighten and strengthen your core muscles, but it can also reduce water retention, which is a leading cause of bloating (or water weight, as you may otherwise know it). 

When you exercise, just be sure to focus on your core to train it properly. 

Oh, did we mention that exercise will also help your stomach learn how to digest quicker? This means your food will spend less time gurgling around in your intestines.

Add more mint to your diet 

Did you know that mint is a natural stomach relaxant? It's great for stomach aches and days when you're feeling nauseous. But, that's not all. It's also fantastic when your stomach is feeling a little overwhelmed and bloated. Consuming mint in any form is a great help, too. The smallest dose of mint via mint gum or a mint capsule can make all the difference. You can also incorporate the Jomeis Fine Foods Minty Cacao Latte in your daily diet to keep those uncomfortable feelings at bay. 

Increase your fibre intake 

Fibre is a tricky one when it comes to bloating. Not enough, and you'll be bloated due to constipation. Too much, and you may feel all the more inclined to use the toilet after your meals. It's important to listen to your body, for this reason, to determine if a lack of fibre may be what's causing your body to bloat and gas. 

Try taking note of how often you're going to the toilet. If it's infrequent (sometimes once a day, sometimes once every three days), you definitely need more fibre in your life. If it's frequent, you can usually assume your bloating may be caused by something else. 

If it is infrequent, try to get some more fibre-dense foods into your diet. This includes but isn't limited to oats, beans and vegetables. You can also add the Jomeis Fine Foods Superfood Breakfast Bowls into your diet. As the highest dietary fibre breakfast alternative on the market, they'll have you going to the toilet again in no time. 

Cut down on sugar and salt 

Excess sugar and salt can cause the body to retain water more than it needs to. So, if you've tried all of the above and feel like you're still bloating, it may be time to take a deeper dive into your diet. Try halving the amount of salt and sugar you would normally put in your meals. Try to also eat out less frequently. While it may be tasty, you cannot control the sugar and salt in these foods, meaning you may be consuming a lot more than you anticipate. 

A simple way to start cutting out sugar in your life is by removing sodas from your diet. And for salt, try making conscious snacking choices, choosing fruit or veggies over crackers and crisps. 

Jomeis Fine Foods is here to assist 

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we know what it's like to experience bloating you can't seem to control. Need help? Reach out to our team, and we can recommend the products suited to helping you overcome bloating.