A young African girl wearing a blue dress. She is smiling excitedly at her hands. In her hands she is holding a menstrual cup which has just been donated to her through The Cova Project. She is outdoors and there are people in the background.

Jomeis Fine Foods has been searching for the right purpose-driven cause to partner with, who embodied the same ethos in supplying the best alternative solutions to people.

So it was perfectly fitting when they decided to partner with The Cova Project to contribute a portion of each latte sachet sold to support the health and wellbeing of menstruating women in Africa. Despite COVID-19, the team at The Cova Project successfully donated close to 4,500 menstrual cups in 2021. However, with the help of Jomeis Fine Foods and their community, they are hoping to supply over 6,000 in 2022. 

An african woman wearing a blue cloth dress. She is balancing a tray of bananas on her head. In her right hand she is holding a menstrual cup donated to her by The Cova Project. She is smiling lightly, the banana tray casts a shadow over her face.

The revenue raised will be donated at the end of each month and used to provide supplies and educational materials to girls living without access to sanitary products. In effect, while Jomeis Fine Foods’ products will help support the health and wellbeing of its customers, their customers will now have the opportunity to support women in need, all while still enjoying the beloved Nutritional Lattes.

Founder Vicki Nguyen commented, “As a company backed by women and focused on holistic living, we wanted to do something that would support the health and wellbeing of women around the world. The Cova Project does this beautifully by providing access to hygienic, environmentally friendly goods where they weren’t available before. We are beyond proud and excited to have found such a perfect partner to support. ”

When faced with their period and the improper tools to manage it, many young women are forced to skip class, work or study to care for themselves. Supplying these menstrual cups and teaching women how to use them responsibly will allow them to stay in these environments, even when on their period, so they can remain competitive with their male counterparts and work their way to success. (The Cova Project, 2021).

Jomeis Fine Foods has made a monumental impact on the health of Australians since its establishment in 2002 and looks forward to making a move on a global scale.

To purchase a Nutritional Latte and help bring dignity to women in poverty-stricken communities, head to https://www.jomeisfinefoods.com.au/collections/shop-all-nutritional-lattes.