The Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles are the newest product on the market, and they're already beloved by many of our customers. But, in case you don't know much about them, we've broken them down in this blog. 

These gluten-free, dairy-free, MSG-free and sugar-free noodles are a healthy option in the instant noodle selection. Unlike regular instant noodles, they're also incredibly filling, which makes them the ideal substitute for lunch, dinner or after-school snacks. This makes them a great option for those with dietary requirements or for those looking for a healthier alternative to their lunch and dinner menu. Like instant noodles, they can also be eaten with hot water alone, meaning wherever you have boiled water, you can enjoy them. 

To make it easier for you, here are some of our favourite places to enjoy these plant-based instant noodles. 

Enjoy the Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles at home 

Instant noodles are a comfort food for a reason. When you don't feel like cooking or when you don't have any ingredients at home, they make a perfect lunch or dinner alternative. The flavours you can choose from include Vegetable HotpotRoast Chicken and Braised Beef

When at home, where you have access to other ingredients, you can also add some additional kick to your hoodles. Try poaching an egg in the Hoodle water while they're cooking. Alternatively, add some dried shallots or mushrooms to turn this into a meal that's as equally delicious as a homecooked dinner. 

Take the Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles to the office 

Most offices are equipped with a kettle, which you can use to cook your Hoodles at lunchtime. This makes them the perfect work lunch when you haven't had the chance to meal prep or you've run out of leftovers. As we've mentioned, the Hoodles are delicious and filling on their own. But you can also pack some toppings, such as shredded bok choy or carrots, to add your own unique spin to your lunch. 

As a bonus, all of the Hoodles have a no-flick factor, so they won't spill over your lunch table or keyboard while you're eating. 

Bring the Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles to the job site

If you work away from an office, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles for yourself. You just have to be a little more prepared. To enjoy them at any time or at any place, you only have to ensure you have a thermos with boiling water with you. When it comes time for lunch, just fill the cup, wait 5 minutes, and you're ready to eat. 

Like with an office lunch, you can top this off with a range of toppings, such as carrots, shallots and wilted bok choy. But, you don't have to, as the Hoodles are flavourful without any additional vegetables or seasoning. 

Indulge in the Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles at school or uni 

When you're looking for a health-packed option for your kid's school lunches, the Hoodles are the ideal solution. While younger kids may not be equipped to bring hot water to school with them, many canteens will happily prepare their Hoodles for them. For older kids, all they need is a thermos and their favourite Hoodles flavour. Then, they have a nutritional lunch that's much better than many canteen alternatives. 

Bring them on a picnic or with you when you go camping 

The Hoodles shouldn't just be restricted to enjoying when you're on a 9-5 schedule. Whether you're on a break from work or it's the weekend, you can still enjoy them plenty. Pack them with you the next time you go on a picnic or camping. Not only will they taste delicious, but they will provide you with all the energy you need to continue enjoying the outdoors for hours on end. 

Where are you taking your Hoodles? 

Are you eating your Jomeis Fine Foods Hoodles somewhere we didn't mention? Let us know by chatting with us today.