Let's face the facts. There is nothing worse than feeling constipated, especially if you're feeling clogged up for days and days at a time. But, did you know that most constipation stems from what you eat? 

We get it, during this time, you may have no appetite and may feel super bloated. But, eating and drinking are one of the best ways to help clear out that nasty bout of constipation.

To help you understand which foods will ease that constipation, we've broken it down below. 


High Fibre Fruits

Are you consuming two pieces of fruit a day? Fruit is a super good snack, and it's also packed with healthy sugars and fibre. Eating fruit while constipated is also a fantastic way to loosen those stiff bowels. Some of the best fruits you can add to your diet include kiwi, prunes, apples and pears. 

If you're looking for even more fibre, you can serve your fruit with the Jomeis Fine Foods Superfood Breakfast Bowl, which is the highest dietary fibre breakfast alternative on the market. Before long, you will be relieving yourself on the toilet.



Lentils are one of those superfoods that seem to be good at everything, including relieving constipation. With over 7.8g of fibre in just half a cup of lentils, these superfoods are a must-add to anyone's diet when they're feeling a little backed up. You don't have to wait for dinner to serve a delicious lentil dahl, either. Lentils are also fantastic when paired with eggs, avocado and fresh herbs for breakfast! 

On top of their incredible fibre content, lentils also contain butyric acid, which can help increase bowel movements. 



This one may surprise you, but popcorn is a fantastic source of fibre and is great for the gut (so long as you don't load it with salt and butter, that is). With 13 grams of fibre per 100 grams of popcorn, even a small amount of popcorn is a magnificent and tasty way to ease up bloating and discomfort in the gut. If you need a little flavour on your popcorn to enjoy it, you can sprinkle any flavour of the Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Latte over your popcorn with some coconut oil for a hit of taste. Now, that's how you make some healthy chocolate-coated popcorn. 


Water - and plenty of it 

When you are just feeling a little bit too bloated to eat, water is your next best solution. This amazing natural (and guilt-free) substance, is the perfect way to 'lube up the pipes' literally. Before long, your hard stool (which is likely causing your constipation) will be softened. 

If you are getting a bit sick of water after excessive drinking, having soups, tea, or other water-based treats is also a great way to give your body what it needs to revitalise. You can even try making our Nutritional Lattes with water instead of milk if you're looking for a flavour-packed treat to overcome your constipation. 

Brown Rice 

Swapping out your white rice for brown rice when constipated is a fantastic solution for loosening the bowels. This is because brown rice has far more fibre than white rice (which may otherwise back you up more). 

Try pairing your brown rice with some fibre-heavy vegetables, such as beans. You can even combine it with lentils for a super-packed fibre-rich dish. If your appetite is suppressed, you can just eat a cup of brown rice, as this will still have amazing benefits for the gut. 


The Jomeis Fine Foods team is here to help 

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we understand that constipation is no easy foot. That's why we have developed a range that can help to nourish the gut, not anger it. If you're looking for a range that is going to help you say no to constipation and hello to a healthy stomach, be sure to add our products to your everyday diet. Shop the range here.