At Jomeis Fine Foods, we are passionate about helping people from all over the world achieve a healthier, better version of themselves. While our products are deeply rooted in healthy eating and promoting a positive gut microbiome, they are so much more than just a feel-good for the tummy. Our recent people's choice win of the TVSN Ingestible Beauty Award shows this in so many ways, and it has been our absolute honour to accept this victory. 

What is ingestible beauty? 

Ingestible beauty categorises those products which are eaten and can help you feel your best self. While the term beauty usually revolves around the face and body, this goes beyond that. For us, ingestible beauty categorises a product that can make you feel beautiful inside and out, simply through its powerful healing powers. 

For example, our Turmeric Latte Powder, which acts to reduce toxins in the body, is a form of ingestible beauty, as it can help you live happier, healthier, longer and stronger each day by keeping your body free from nasties.



Which product won the people's choice for ingestible beauty? 

Our Cacao & Coconut Superfood Breakfast Bowl, or smoothie bowl, won the ingestible beauty award, and we couldn't be prouder. This Superfood Breakfast Bowl is the epitome of ingestible beauty as it works to nurture a healthy gut, helping you to feel your best on the inside, which then starts to improve how you look and feel on the outside. To explain further, as an example, it can help improve digestion to reduce uncomfortable bloating and cramping. Internally, this can help you feel better and more pain-free each day. But externally, it can also assist with weight regulation, weight loss and decrease visible bloating to help achieve a happier you. 

On the other end of the spectrum, this fantastic smoothie bowl is a great on-the-go breakfast solution for those who may otherwise skip a meal due to poor time availability. As we know, breakfast is the most critical meal of the day, so having this handy can guarantee that you always fuel your body with what it needs to function to its best efforts. Internally, when ingested, this improves energy, motivation and mood, but externally this goes even further by nurturing a brighter, bubblier and more balanced version of yourself. 

Where can I try the Cacao & Coconut Superfood Breakfast Bowl for myself?

The Jomeis Fine Foods Cacao & Coconut Smoothie Bowl can be purchased online at any time via this link. One packet will make 8-10 bowls. You can also purchase a duo pack for a fraction of the cost online. 

If you prefer to shop in-store, you can also find the product available in QE Food Stores and all good independent stores. We do, however, recommend you call ahead to find out if the product is in stock at the time.