Our homes should be places we love, where we enjoy waking up and coming back. If you want to breathe more life and positive energy into your living space, why not create a happy, healthy and welcoming environment for you and your family.

It’s not that hard, and a great place to start is with the principles of feng shui.

Feng shui means “wind-water.” The wind scatters energy, and water holds energy.

Its principles maintain that we live in harmony with our environment. It aims to achieve balance in your living and workspaces and maximise your potential for success in all areas of your life.

It’s said that homes are a reflection of their occupants. If any part of the home is neglected or has negative energy, this is reflected in the lives of those who live there.

So how can you improve the energy of your home?

Here are some tips to get you started.

The front door should be in perfect condition as it represents wealth. To draw positive energy to the entrance of your home, place a plant and a light on either side of the door. Evergreens are a wonderful choice as they are green all year round. Potted trees are a good alternative if you have the space.

The hallway represents opportunities, and for this reason, it must be kept clutter-free so energy can circulate freely. Place coats and shoes inside a closed cupboard, so they don't stagnate the energy in hallways.

To activate the beneficial chi in the hallway, decorate with a beautiful mirror and fresh flowers. This is because fresh flowers instantly uplift the energy of any space.

The kitchen is a powerful space in a home as its energy represents nourishment and relationship harmony of its occupants. The sink and cooktop mustn’t be placed opposite each other as it creates a water ad fire crash and is thought to lead to arguments between couples

The colours in the kitchen are also an important factor. Avoid black and red colours in the kitchen as that also causes a fire and water crash.

Furniture for the living room should be kept in proportion to the space. Try not to block any doorways with furniture and position the main sofa against a wall to support the occupants.

To activate wealth energy, place a lamp in the corner of the room (diagonally opposite the room door).

Dining rooms and tables are a consideration in feng shui as it provides a space where you can concentrate mindfully on what you are eating. It’s believed that the dining space relates to the spleen, which connects to the element Earth.

In traditional Chinese medicine, The Earth element is
connected to digestion. To optimise the energy in the dining space, place a mirror on the wall to reflect the dining table and place fresh flowers on the table.

The bedrooms must be a light neutral colour, and the beds are suggested to have a headboard and be positioned against a solid wall. This will encourage restful and harmonious sleep. Ideally, the bed must not be in line with the bedroom door.

Place bedside tables on either side of the bed to provide
support. To introduce some romantic energy, place curvy lamps and lightly fragranced candles, or your favourite incense, on a bedside table.

The front garden represents your future so ensure it is always kept beautiful. Plant flowers and try to always keep them tidy.

The back garden represents both health and wealth, so ensure it is always kept in good condition, this includes the condition of boundaries and fences to provide support to the people living there.