There's been a lot of talk in the media about two-minute noodles and how they can negatively impact your health. But, as with all articles, how much of this is fact, and how much is fiction? As you may know, at Jomeis Fine Foods, we're passionate about unblurring the lines around food, wellness and nutrition so you can live as clean and healthily as possible. So, keep reading to discover more about our verdict on two-minute noodles. 

They have low-fibre 

Instant noodles may do the trick in helping you feel full when you need a quick and easy lunch or dinner, but they're not doing much for your gut once they enter it. While many regard them as being good because they're low in calories, instant noodles are low in many other things, including fibre and gut-boosting compounds you need to feel great. This means they slow down the rate you can digest, too, which can have negative impacts on bloating and weight loss. 

Did we mention this is a surefire way to feel constipated in a few hours?

They are low in protein 

Following the above, instant noodles are typically also low in protein, which is essential for energy levels and weight loss. Put simply, protein helps your gut understand that it is happy. So, if you take the protein out of a meal, it won't be long until you want to eat again. 

Think about the last time you had instant noodles. How long was it before you were reaching into the snack drawer? A lunch, like an egg sandwich, instead, for example, may be higher in calories, but it's guaranteed to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Not into eggs? How about trying our plant-based, gluten-free instant noodles which are packed with protein and goodness? We call them: Hoodles.

They contain a lot of saturated fats 

Instant noodles taste so good, right? But have you considered what's going in them to make them this good? Instant noodles are typically packed with not-so-good fats that can leave your body deprived of nutrients and primed to put on weight. Some common ingredients that produce these fats include edible vegetable oil, flavour enhancers and sugar syrup.

Saturated fats aren't just bad for weight gain, either. They can also have negative impacts on digestion, and they can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and a range of health issues. 

They're incredibly high in sodium 

Did you know that one serving of some two-minute noodles has as much salt as a Big Mac? Considering you probably thought you were making the healthier choice for your body, this may come as a shock to you.

While a little salt isn't too bad for you, eating it in this amount each day (or even frequently) can have damaging impacts on your health, including increasing your risk of heart disease, kidney stones and organ problems. 

Other alternatives can generally provide better nutritional value 

Two-minute noodles seem like a great lunch or dinner choice when you don't have anything else. They're quick, easy and pack well. But, other meal alternatives that take just as little time to prepare will have many more benefits for your body. For example, a salad sandwich with tomato, lettuce, onion and cheese, even with croutons and dressing, will provide you with the calcium, healthy acids and healthy fats you need to function well every day. 

What about a Healthy Instant Noodle alternative? 

The Jomeis Fine Foods team gets it. When convenience calls, you need something in your pantry that won't let you down. That's why we crafted our Hoodles: Healthy Instant Noodles, which are packed with goodness for the body, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and healthy fats to ensure you thrive all day long!