Matcha has been around for a long time. In fact, it has been used in Japanese culture for countless years. But, it has seen remarkable increases in popularity over the past few years with growing health crazes and fads. 

And it's no wonder why. 

Characterised by its green colour, matcha is a powder made from ground-down green tea leaves. As you consume the full leaf rather than just an extract, matcha is much more concentrated than green tea, meaning it is packed with many more benefits. 

Before we tell you all about the benefits, it's important to remember that everyone prepares matcha differently. In traditional Japanese culture, matcha is quite bitter as it is the pure extract of the leaves. More westernised versions of matcha tend to add a lot of refined sugar and sweeteners to appease different taste buds. It's always best to read the label to find just what has been added to your matcha products. 

The rawest and most natural matcha products, like our beloved Matcha Latte, have remarkable benefits, including: 

Incredible Antioxidising Qualities 

Matcha powder contains two of the most powerful antioxidants; catechins and polyphenols. These antioxidants are fantastic for repairing cell damage and preventing chronic diseases. 


Matcha Powder is Great For Skin 

Due to its incredible vitamin content, especially Vitamin C, Matcha is excellent at stimulating collagen production, which can promote a natural glow to the skin. It's also fantastic for helping those with acne or dry skin. 


It is Great For Boosting Energy 

Matcha powder contains three times the amount of caffeine than regular tea. However, unlike coffee, it releases this energy slowly throughout the day. This means you will feel more elevated all day; rather than in quick intervals. Not to mention, matcha doesn't have acidic qualities that can cause stomach discomfort, like after drinking coffee. 

Matcha Powder Promotes Healthy Cholesterol 

Cholesterol talk is getting more and more prevalent as the impacts of the western diet continue to unfold. Consuming matcha; even just twice a week has already shown a significant reduction in bad cholesterol. Though it is not 100% proven, research shows that it is highly likely this product is fantastic for cleaning out fatty acids in the arteries, which can cause significant health issues, such as strokes. 


At Jomeis Fine Foods, we love the power of matcha and what it can do for the body. So, we have integrated it across most of our range. You can find our Matcha LatteMatcha + Cacao Latte & Matcha Honey online at any time.