A matcha latte resting on a wooden table. Surrounding the matcha latte is an array of healthy foods, including a sushi bowl. Behind the latte is a green Jomeis Find Foods Matcha latte packet.

Meet Our Nutritional Latte Range

Aside from being delicious, our Nutritional Latte range is made to help you look and feel your best every day. Keep reading to discover the unique healing powers of each flavour in our range!

Beetroot Latte

Made for those who are always out or those who experience muscle fatigue, one or two cups of our Beetroot Latte per day is perfect for promoting positive blood flow throughout the body so the muscles can quickly recover.

Even when pain does occasionally strike, with the power of Beetroot, you should be feeling your best self again after only a few hours.

Cacao Latte

Finding your inner happiness and discovering joy, even in the smallest things is one of the key milestones to a healthy lifestyle. But, when you're finding it a little bit hard to see the silver lining or are having a difficult day, our Cacao Latte is always on your side.

Cacao contains a special compound known as anandamide which can trigger our motivation, pleasure and positive thoughts. Not only this, but it is incredibly high in iron, making it an awesome source for plant-based food lovers who may want to ditch the supplements.

Spicy Ginger Latte

If you're looking to step away from the caffeine but feel you still need a kick of energy in the morning, our Spicy Ginger Latte is just for you. With a strong aroma and powerful flavours, it will have your senses awakened in no time.

But more than an excellent energy booster, it also works to heal the body, is ideal for alleviating stomach aches and pains and can work to regulate organ health.

Turmeric Latte

For those who want to improve their holistic health, our Turmeric Latte has the power to heal the mind, body and soul.

Ideal for those with sore joints and muscles, those looking to prevent or offset the symptoms of cancer, or those who want to protect their body from toxins, containing a powerful active ingredient called curcumin, our turmeric latte is perfect for targeting the whole body.

Just one latte each day can detoxify your body and help prevent long-term diseases.

Matcha Latte

Those on plant-based diets need to get the nutrients their body's need to feel their best each day. Containing high volumes of iron, potassium and calcium, a cup or two of our Matcha Latte per day can help fulfil your body's nutritional needs.

Not only this, but with a volume of natural caffeine, our Matcha Latte is a fantastic way to begin the transition away from coffee and better your kidney and heart health.

Matcha & Cacao Latte

With the iron needed to boost your performance during a workout, mixing our Matcha and Cacao Latte with your protein shakes or drinking it before you hit the gym is a perfect way to improve your endurance, energy and strength.

Not only this, but matcha is incredibly powerful at improving the health of your organs, meaning that your post-activity recovery times are shortened, and you will feel ready to go again in no time.

Minty Cacao Latte

If you have intolerances to foods, especially gluten and dairy, you will know all about the stomach aches and pains they can cause. With a calming, numbing effect, our Minty Cacao Latte is perfect for assisting digestion and helping you pass any aches that may arise.

More than that, our Minty Cacao Latte also has an aromatic, strong minty scent that can perk you up naturally without the need for caffeine, making it a must-have alternative energy booster.

Dreamy Vanilla Latte

Finding a sense of calm in everything you do is a wonderful way to enjoy the finer things in life. But, keeping your mind calm all the time can be difficult, even for the most adaptable of us.

Made to help you find your sense of serenity, our Dreamy Vanilla Latte can help you feel grounded, more focused and ready for the day ahead. But, it is also perfect when drank right before bed as it can help to promote a sense of calm through the body, reduce stress and help you achieve the rest you deserve.

Lavender Latte

Are stress and anxiety getting to you? Do you spend nights tossing and turning? Do you wake up feeling tired?

With the multitude of messages that enter our minds through technology these days, it can be difficult to rest. Where you need a little help, our Lavender Latte can help signal to your brain that there are no threats present in your vicinity to help you feel relaxed and ready for bed.

Drinking it within the hour before sleep is the most effective for helping you achieve a good night's rest, but our Lavender Latte can also be enjoyed throughout the day to help you keep a clear, focused mind.

Spiced Cacao Latte

If you love your food with a kick of flavour and spice, our Spiced Cacao Latte is just for you. Packed with cayenne pepper, this chocolatey infusion will warm up your insides and have you feeling ready for life in no time.

It's perfect for drinking to warm your soul on a cold winter's day but is also ideal when you need a quick pick-me-up without the caffeine. Its hot, hard-hitting, spicy flavours will bring all of your senses to life quicker than you can say 'Spiced Cacao Latte.'

Jaffa Latte

There's something about nostalgia that can simply brighten up any day. It can help you reflect on simpler times, and memories from your childhood. With such fond moments in mind, it can also help to turn any bad day into a pleasant memory.

Our Jaffa Latte is all about reflecting on the good times of the past, but more importantly, your favourite childhood treats. With the same great flavour of jaffa chocolate, but none of the sugar, our Jaffa Latte is packed with anandamide (the happy compound) which can turn even the harshest of frowns upside down.

It also includes iron, collagen-boosting ingredients and energy-boosting ingredients, making it a great-tasting treat that's fantastic for your overall health.

Rose Latte

As much as we'd like to try, we can never stop ageing, but we can prevent and subdue the effects that come with getting older.

Women, in particular, tend to have a difficult time ageing as their hormones change dramatically through menopause. Where you may be experiencing extreme heat flushes, cramps, spells of dizziness, our Rose Latte is here to help regulate your hormones so you can get back to doing what you love.

More than just for women experiencing menopause, it can also help to offset the side effects of menstruation in girls of all ages.