Episode 23 - Sarah Gale: Wearing Your Worth

An image of Sarah Gale, a former judge of Project Runway. She is smiling and her hair is worn down. She is wearing a blue singlet and standing in front of a green, leafy background.

Episode Description

Fashion industry veteran and former Judge on Project Runway Australia, Sarah Gale migrated from the competitive fashion industry, to pioneer the journey into the aesthetics of the soul.

As Founder of Wearing Your Worth®, Sarah says ‘Through my own journey and many hours with clients, I discovered that our wardrobe speaks to us if we are willing to listen; our clothes can reveal our greatest desires and biggest fears.

I designed the Wearing your Worth™ program as a way to discover my clients own unique and authentic style, whilst shedding light on mindsets that could be holding them back in life’.

An accredited Coach and mother of two, Sarah is passionate about living an authentic life and continually honing her willingness to live transparently with love, courage and vulnerability. She shares from her heart and enjoys inspiring others to live a mindful life, through the wardrobe and beyond.

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