When it comes to gut health, there are a few products that rise against the others. In the latte world, Turmeric Latte Powders and Ginger Latte Powders have proven to be the most potent and effective when judged for their ability to nurture a healthy gut microbiome. If you're an avid follower of the Jomeis Fine Foods blog, you will know all about why our Turmeric Latte Powder is phenomenal for more than just the gut. If not, you can read about it in our blog; The Benefits of Turmeric Latte

So, today, we wanted to turn our attention to the powerful and often forgotten substance; ginger. 

Keep reading to find out why it's so good for you, how it can heal the gut and why it's a must-add to your diet. 


Ginger Latte Powder Can Treat Constipation

There's nothing worse than the feeling of being bloated and ready to go to the toilet but not having the ability to. Whether it's due to a medical problem, poor fibre, or just something you ate, constipation is something you want to rid of quickly. Fortunately, a Ginger Latte a day can help treat constipation and prevent it from occurring again. 

It does this by impacting the enzymes, trypsin and pancreatic lipase during digestion. In doing so it can speed up your motility, which essentially means it will empty your stomach too. It's also fantastic at helping break down nasties which can then clear out unpleasant gas and bloating. With just a few sips, you'll go back to feeling your best again in no time. 

Ginger Latte Powder is a great remedy during pregnancy 

Ginger lattes are renowned for their ability to treat nausea and regulate gut health. For this reason, it is a fantastic cure for pregnancy-related morning sickness. It is best to consume either before bed to ensure that your stomach is settled overnight. You can also consume it after the morning sickness if the illness permits. You should consider the type of milk you are drinking with your ginger latte too, as some types of milk may contribute more to nausea and discomfort. 

Ginger latte powder can also work in the same way to treat chemotherapy-related nausea and other forms of trauma. It is always best that you consult a doctor first before adding ginger lattes into your diet if your nausea is severe. 


Ginger Latte Powder is a fantastic preventative 

Drinking a ginger latte a day can have much more benefits than just digestive health. It can also help to improve the body through its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising properties. By reducing builds up of negative toxins in the body, ginger may be of the best superfoods for helping to prevent heart disease and high blood sugar. 

It is important to note that the full effect ginger latte powder can have on the body of each person are individual to them. Therefore, one instance where ginger lattes helped to improve heart disease factors may not be repetitive in others. As always, it's best to consult your doctor and remain savvy about other methods of prevention to build overall health and well-being. 

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