The Jomeis Fine Foods team is a market leader in manufacturing Nutritional Lattes. Whether you've tried them or not, however, you may not know just how beneficial they are for your mind, body and soul. Nor would you know that each product has its own health benefits for the body. 

So, the following blog seeks to dive into each of our Nutritional Lattes and their unique benefits. 


Turmeric Nutritional Latte: An all-around healer 

Turmeric is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, eradicate toxins and cleanse the body of negative energy. It is recommended for those with muscle or joint pain due to its ability to lubricate the joints and remove any nasties which may be making it difficult to recover. 

As a natural healer, this nutritional latte is great for people of all ages. It can be drunk even when you're not experiencing specific health ailments too. Doing so will act as a preventative, which will help your body fight off colds, the flu and health conditions. 


Beetroot Nutritional Latte: Great for blood flow

Beetroot has grown increasingly popular as a latte flavour. This is primarily due to its amazing taste, but did you know that it also has significant benefits? In fact, it's great for those who may exercise a lot or those who are looking to get back into fitness. This is because beetroot can open up the blood cells, which stimulates better blood flow to promote good muscle recovery. It's a must-try if you experience a delayed offset of muscle soreness and want to help your muscles heal quicker. 


Cacao Nutritional Latte: Fantastic for the mood 

Have you ever been in a not-so-favourable mood and begun craving chocolate? This is Anandamide calling your name! Anandamide is a happy compound that is found in foods, such as Cacao. It can help you find clarity in your thoughts, which is critical for feeling better and not letting bad moods get in your way. 

Not to mention the Cacao used in our Nutritional Latte is as natural as can be. This means it contains plenty of iron and magnesium, which are critical to all diets, especially if you choose a plant-based diet. 


Matcha Nutritional Latte: Great for the organs 

Of all the Nutritional Lattes in our range, drinking the Matcha Latte has by far some of the most powerful benefits. This is because Matcha is a potent form of Green Tea, which has all kinds of benefits. 

It's fantastic for the kidneys, brain and heart. As well as this, drinking this nutritional latte can help regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and metabolism to promote overall wellness. 


Spicy Ginger Nutritional Latte: Phenomenal for Gut Health 

While all of the Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Lattes aim to promote positive gut health, the Spicy Ginger Latte is beyond one of the best at doing so. It is fantastic for digestion and can help to ease bloated bellies, especially after a day of eating too many carbs. 

Ginger is also a proven remedy against nausea, which makes it a powerful healer if you are feeling a bit unwell in the stomach. It is safe for all people to drink too, making this an ideal tonic against morning sickness and nausea in pregnant women. 


Minty Cacao Nutritional Latte: A nutritional kick 

Minty Cacao Latte, like our Cacao blend, is perfect when you need a bit of a pick-me-up. But, the added hint of mint makes it all the more delicious and nutritious. This blend is perfect for someone looking to infuse their mind, body and soul with some much-needed nutrition.

On top of its anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory qualities, the mint can also support indigestion, help brain function, help heal colds, mask bad breath and reduce stomach discomfort. For this reason, this Nutritional Latte is a must-add to your life if you're looking for a positive change.


Dreamy Vanilla Nutritional Latte: Perfect for Serenity 

If you struggle to kick back and relax, our Dreamy Vanilla Latte is just what you need. This blend is made to soothe the mind, to help you find clarity in your thoughts and inner peace. 

Though, it isn't just made to help you calm anxieties and stress. Raw, natural vanilla, unlike extracts, also has a variety of benefits including brain-boosting properties which can boost your focus and ability to handle tricky situations. 


Jaffa Nutritional Latte: Great for the Skin

Like its Cacao and Minty Caco counterparts, the Jaffa latte is a fantastic mood booster. But, it is so much more than that. The natural orange used in the Jaffa Latte has collagen-boosting qualities, which makes it great for promoting healthier, cleaner skin. 

It is a great natural alternative for those with acne or skin conditions who want to achieve naturally clearer skin without the use of chemical cleansers, which can be dangerous. 


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