As the weather continues to warm up, more and more of us are hitting the beach, going for hikes and spending time outdoors. Whether you work out a lot or are only just getting into fitness, spring can be a challenging time. Mostly, this is because many of us tend to cut back slightly on our fitness regimes during the winter. So, paired with the warming weather, it can be difficult to get back on track, especially before the scorching summer kicks in. 

If you are looking for some extra support to make sure you can continue toning up, even as the weather warms, you can find some fantastic tips in our blog below: 


Get outside whenever you can 

To get fit, you don't just need to spend hours at the gym. Going for a walk with the dog or running around the park with your kids is just as beneficial for your health. Plus, as a bonus, they don't even feel like exercising. Matched with healthy, nutritious food, you will feel more fit in no time. 

Some great activities, like colour runs and walkathons, also pop up around this time of year. So, it's a great idea to enrol you and your family or friends in some of these. 

If you prefer heavy workouts, you can always opt for an outdoor gym, which you can commonly find at parks. This is a great way to exercise while getting some much-needed vitamin D. Just be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. 


Change up your workout 

During the winter, if you have been working out, you have likely stuck to the same routine. This could be something like a team sport or strength training. Naturally, even if you are increasing the intensity of this workout, your body will begin to get more and more used to it. So, it's always good to shift things up in spring to challenge yourself. 

If you have been doing a lot of weights, switch it up and go for a run. If you've been focusing on your flexibility, perhaps you can give a spin class a go. Changing up the routine is such a great way to promote all-around fitness. So, we know it will help you feel great in the long term. 

As you change your routine, remember that your body will need time to adapt. To assist muscle recovery, nutritional eating is a must. Luckily, at Jomeis Fine Foods, we have a range of Australian Nutritional Foods that you can enjoy. Try giving our Beetroot Latte or Beetroot and Cacao Breakfast Bowls a go, as they are great for opening up the blood cells to promote muscle recovery. 


Exercise earlier or later 

In the winter, you can typically exercise at any time, as you won't often fall victim to extreme heat. However, as the weather begins to warm up, you will need to pay closer attention to the time you work out. Trying to get your exercise in before 10 am or after 6 pm can prevent you from dehydrating too quickly. This means you will be able to exercise harder and for longer. 

We recommend trying a few morning workouts and a few evening ones. Everyone's body is different. So, finding what works best for you is the key to having a fulfilling workout. 


Push yourself by joining a class 

Sometimes, when you are exercising by yourself, you may go easy on yourself. The main reason is that you are scared to push your limits. Joining a class can help you go the extra step and do those few extra reps. It's the perfect way to give yourself that rewarding post-workout experience. 

If you are located in Melbourne, our very own Vicki has also opened up some Hatha Yoga classes, which are great for beginners to join. Try these Melbourne Yoga Classes for yourself.


Bring a friend along 

Some mornings, you are naturally going to wake up and not feel like working out. It's totally normal. If you need that extra push to stop you from staying in bed, consider committing to working out with a friend. 

By not going, you will feel as though you are letting them down. This sense of accountability is a great way to keep exercise as part of your routine. Plus, you can always catch up for a Nutritional Latte after the workout to wind down and replenish your body.