Whether you're going for a hike, planning for a marathon or just need some energy before some sports, certain foods can make all the difference to your endurance. These foods are the perfect way to give your body that extra kick it needs. Plus, they can help you last that little bit longer when you're exercising to ensure that you push yourself to the limit. You can even find some of them at Jomeis Fine Foods, making it an easy way to ensure you can get all of the energy-boosting supplements you need in time for your next run. 

Next time you're planning some physical activity, try snacking on these healthy, energy-boosting alternatives. 

Dark Chocolate 

It almost feels impossible to believe that one of the most energy-boosting foods is one of the ones we are so often told to feel guilty about. However, dark chocolate is fantastic for helping to boost your energy due to its theobromine content. Like caffeine, theobromine provides a short boost of energy, which can help you move that little bit more. On top of this, cacao also contains phenethylamine, which can release dopamine to boost mood during exercise. In a happy mood, you'll be more inclined to push that a little harder. 

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we always recommend that you choose sugar-free dark chocolate, such as our Nutritional Cacao Latte, as this can provide the guilt-free snack you're looking for. 


Have you ever heard that having two bananas before a workout is enough to give you enough energy for a one-hour intense workout? Not only can bananas provide you with a caffeine-free boost of energy, but they can also help improve stamina and strength. Above this, they also contain high amounts of potassium, which is known to reduce the chances that your muscles will cramp during or after a workout. 

Bananas are also a fantastic source of carbs, which are necessary for exercising. But, they don't have all the weight that most carbs do, which can, otherwise, weigh you down. Try blending a banana with our Superfood Breakfast Bowl for the perfect exercise smoothie.



It seems like this yellow hero is good at everything. But it's true. Turmeric is great for endurance boosting due to its anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory qualities. These qualities can help to keep your body feeling its best during exercise, which is critical for reducing burn-induced aches and pains.

If you want to exercise for longer, turmeric is fantastic at masking the feeling that your body can't push any further, helping you to achieve those extra few reps. Turmeric isn't just good for before exercise, either. Try having it after exercise if you are feeling the strain a little more than you hoped. A few sips of our Turmeric Latte after an exercise can be enough to say goodbye to that lingering exercise niggle. 

Green Tea 

Did you know that green tea can provide more energy than coffee? As a slow-release caffeine, drinking a cup of green tea can ignite your energy all day, not just for a few hours as a cup of warm coffee would. For this reason, drinking green tea before exercise is one of the best ways to ensure you can go longer and harder than ever before. 

Green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. This means that drinking it before exercise may help you find your focus, boost your motivation and push you to keep going. We get it, though, green tea is an acquired taste. Fortunately, you can get all the same benefits from our Nutritional Matcha Latte, which is one of our best sellers due to its naturally sweet taste.


We only provide the best 

At Jomeis Fine Foods, we are committed to creating products that taste great, but that all have long-term benefits for the body. Whether you're looking at our breakfast alternatives, honey or lattes, you can trust that one mouthful is all it takes to fuel your body with goodness. Click here to explore the range.