Did you know that your blood type can have an impact on your health? For example, it can dictate what types of food you need more or less to ensure your look and feel your best every day. To help break it down, we've examined the blood type diet below. We've also linked each blood type with the Jomeis Fine Foods product that suits each person best, so you can fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to live well each day. 

Type O Blood x Cacao Latte

Type O Blood Classes benefit the most from a protein-rich diet that is light in grains and dairy. Those with Type O blood typically may rely on more meat in their diet, such as lean meat, poultry and fish. Those with a plant-based diet should seek the appropriate supplements or alternatives to ensure they are receiving enough protein. 

A great product to add to your diet if you have Type O blood is the Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Cacao Latte which is a powerful source of plant-based, dairy-free protein and iron.

Type A Blood x Adaptogenic Honey 

Those with Type A Blood, according to D'Adamo, the creator of the blood type diet, have a weaker immune system. For this reason, they need to focus on immune-boosting products, such as the Jomeis Fine Foods Adaptogenic Honey, which can fuel the body with the nutrients it needs to be protected against colds. 

Those with type A blood can survive relatively easily with a meat-free lifestyle. In replacement, they should consume plenty of legumes, beans and whole grains. 

Type B Blood x Turmeric Latte 

Those with Type B Blood can enjoy a range of foods. However, they should avoid products such as corn, lentils, tomatoes and peanuts, due to their high-fat content, for optimum health. Those with Type B Blood are also associated with higher cortisol levels. Recent studies have shown that Turmeric (and therefore Turmeric Latte) can help to lower these levels to promote overall well-being. 

So, a turmeric latte a day really may be able to help keep the doctor away! Just be sure to consume your turmeric latte with plant-based milk or low-fat dairy for optimum results.

Type AB Blood x The Nutritional Latte Range 

Those with Type AB Blood are known to have low stomach acid. Essentially, this means they may struggle to break down food more than others. This is especially the case for fried food and carb-heavy foods, which make up a large majority of the Western Diet. 

Those with Type AB Blood should focus on a tofu, seafood, dairy and green vegetable-oriented diet. On the other hand, foods with high caffeine can cause issues with the stomach. For this reason, the Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Latte range can be a great alternative to morning and evening warm drinks, as all but the Melbourne Matcha Latte Powder have no caffeine. 

Remember, this is just a guide 

The Blood Type Diet is only a study completed by one group and shouldn't dictate your entire diet if you don't want it to. At Jomeis Fine Foods, we recommend you use this as a guide if you are experiencing stomach discomfort or an unsettled feeling after a meal. But, it is always important to remember that the advice of your doctor or nutritionist should be put first.