With more and more stressors existing in our lives, many people are finding it harder to fall asleep. We all know that lack of sleep can contribute negatively to our health, mental aptitude and focus. This means that finding the cure for poor sleep must be at the top of the priority list for anyone who gets restless more often than not. 

While sleeping pills and medications are an option, at Jomeis Fine Foods, we don't believe that these should be anyone's first point of reference. In fact, with so many natural remedies available to improve sleep quality, there are many avenues you can take before you need to adopt a last resort. The first of these is getting some more healthy spices in your diet.

Some of the best spices to consume to improve sleep include: 


Spices for Sleep: Mint

Mint is a hit or miss for many people's taste buds. But, if there's one thing for certain, mint has some amazing benefits. As a natural muscle relaxant, mint can help your entire body to feel less tense, more relaxed and more primed for sleep. A cup of mint-infused tea or a warm minty cacao latte before bed can help your body relax to unimaginable benefits.

It may be as powerful as a warm bath before bed, which we all know can help you feel heavy and ready for a restful night.

Mint isn't just great for sleep either. Its detoxing abilities are great for digestion. If you're struggling to sleep because you feel bloated or have stomach aches, some mint will fix it up in no time. 


Spices for Sleep: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is delicious and naturally sweet, making it a favourite in the homes of many. But it's not just limited to being a sweet treat. Cinnamon is beloved by many people for its ability to improve serotonin and melatonin levels. Above this, it is also known to support a decrease in norepinephrine levels, which are known to contribute to insomnia. 

This doesn't mean that you need to snack on a cinnamon doughnut every night though. You can find plenty of cinnamon products that don't contain high amounts of refined sugar. Some of these can be found at Jomeis Fine Foods. They are the Dreamy Vanilla Latte and Spicy Ginger Latte

Choose the dreamy vanilla latte if you prefer a sweet, sugar-free treat before bed. Alternatively, choose the ginger for a spice-packed blend with a savoury kick. 

Consuming enough cinnamon can also support in preventing cardiac disease and moderating weight. Now these are some great reasons to get more of this delicious blend in your life.

Spices for Sleep: Nutmeg 

Nutmeg is often overlooked, especially in cooking, because it is equal parts savoury and sweet. However, if you're looking to get to sleep faster AND enjoy a higher quality sleep, this spice is one that you must add to your regular diet. Why is it so powerful? Well, studies have shown that nutmeg can help to calm the nervous system, which is responsible for helping us feel more peaceful and more ready for bed. Above this, it can also help you to digest better, and it can also improve brain function, which means you may feel more motivated and in control when you wake up. 

You can enjoy nutmeg in a range of our Nutritional Lattes, making our drinks an easy way for you to get more of this powerful spice into your life. 

Nutmeg, however, is the true definition of 'too much of a good thing is a bad thing.' To avoid any negative side effects, we recommend sticking to our products, which use the correct amount for the body. Should you be making your own concoction, remember to only use a pinch to keep your body healthy. 


Spices for Sleep: Turmeric

Last, but certainly not least, it's our favourite spice, turmeric. With all of its wonderful powers, turmeric adds another credential to the resume through its ability to help improve sleep. This is because the aroma of turmeric, alongside its healing properties, are thought to help the body be primed for bedtime. It can also reduce inflammation, which is a major stressor for the body and may be otherwise keeping you up tossing and turning. 

Turmeric isn't just good for the evening though! Drinking the Jomeis Fine Foods Turmeric Latte in the morning can help offset drowsiness and improve energy levels throughout the day. How's that for a coffee substitute? 


We are here to help 

Countless products in the Jomeis Fine Foods range can help to improve the quality of your sleep. However, it's important that you also begin establishing a routine that will help you fall into a deep sleep each night. Turning off lights and staying off your phone as just two great examples of what you can do alongside drinking your Nutritional Latte to improve sleep quality. 

As always, should you need any support, or you want to know more, we're always here to help.