Here at Jomeis Fine Foods, we believe that one of the most powerful ways to improve your mood, boost energy levels and prevent chronic diseases is to incorporate more plant-based foods into our diets. Over the years, science has shown that your nutrition holds the key to living longer and stronger. But, more than that, it represents that through a plant-based diet, you can help improve the state of the environment. 

Those who have switched to a plant-based diet have also reported increased energy, reduced inflammation, less depressive symptoms and an overall feeling of wellbeing. 

Though, some of the general concerns and stigmas that exist are that you can't meet all of your nutritional needs with a plant-based diet. However, by focusing closely on consuming the right wholefoods and following these principles, you will be sure to feel your best every day. 


Incorporating enough natural foods into your diet 

Wholefoods are essentially natural foods that are not heavily processed. They are whole and use unrefined ingredients. These foods include: 

Fruits - Any type of fruit including apple, bananas, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits.

Vegetables - Plenty of veggies, including peppers, corn, lettuce, spinach, kale, peas, collards. 

Starches - Root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets.

Whole grains - Grains, cereals, and other starches in their whole form, such as quinoa, brown rice, millet, whole wheat, oats and barley. Even popcorn is a whole grain.

Legumes - Beans of any kind, plus lentils, pulses.

There are plenty of foods you can also enjoy in moderation, like nuts, seeds, avocados, tofu, tempeh, whole-grain flours and bread, and plant-based milk. We recommend eating these foods in moderation because they are more calorie-dense choices.


So what other benefits are there? 

There are several major benefits to moving to plant-based nutrition; all supported by excellent science. These benefits include:

Easy weight management - People who eat a plant-based diet tend to be leaner than those who don’t, and the diet makes it easy to lose weight and keep it off—without counting calories.

Disease prevention - Whole-food, plant-based eating can prevent, halt, or even reverse chronic diseases, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

A lighter environmental footprint - A plant-based diet places much less stress on the environment.

Now, a sudden shift to plant-based eating isn’t for everyone. A more gradual approach to plant base would be to add more legumes, whole grains, and starchy vegetables to your everyday routine. These starchy foods keep you full and satisfied, so you’ll naturally eat fewer animal products and processed foods.

Take it at your own pace and don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on swapping out meat, milk and eggs to whole plant foods. That alone will have you feeling and noticing measurable improvements in your health and wellbeing.

Start making small changes now. You will be glad you did!


If you're looking for help, our range at Jomeis Fine Foods is focused on extracting the benefits of a plant-based diet. From Nutritional Lattes to Superfood Breakfast Bowls, you can find delectably sweet, yet healthy plant-based foods in our range.