One of our previous blogs, Don't Fear Fats, explored the benefits of incorporating healthy carbs and fats into the diet, especially to boost energy and mind power. While there are many healthy fats available for people to consume and incorporate into their diets, one of our favourites at Jomeis Fine Foods is MCT oil. 

Known to boost energy, aid weight loss and help fight candida (fungal infections), MCT oil provides limitless positive impacts. A great example of MCT oil in a product is coconut oil. Though it's saturated fat and has been slammed in the media for contributing to heart disease, coconut oil is also a medium-chain triglyceride, which means it is easily digested and can seamlessly turn into energy to fuel the body. 

On top of this, it has many beneficial qualities which we need to bring some light to. For example, coconut oil can deliver its healthy fat qualities straight to the liver, which can then work to boost the metabolism, rather than becoming stored fat. It also works to promote healthy cholesterol levels, support appetite, promote healthy skin and hair, and is a great anti-viral. 

But that's enough about coconut oil, we're here to talk about MCT oil

Though it's similar to coconut oil, concentrated MCT oil is like a turbocharged version. As we mentioned, MCT oil can be found in other products, like coconut oil, cheese, yoghurt, milk and butter. But, these healthy fats are much better absorbed into the body when they are consumed in the purest form, known as concentrated MCT oil. In fact, this concentrated version can be up to 18 times stronger than its other forms. 


Here's why MCT oil is a must-add to your diet

The body's preferred energy source is glucose, which is found in food. Though, consuming carbs leads to a blood-sugar spike followed by the secretion of insulin. Basically, it is the insulin's job to tell the body when to store nutrients such as fat. Therefore, food enters food as a carbohydrate but is metabolised as fat. 

Substituting MCT oil for carbs can provide a quick boost of energy without the glucose spike. It is less likely to be stored as fat if the energy isn't used up. Different to cards, MCTs are absorbed into the bloodstream and bypass the lower levels of the digestive tract. By being sent straight to the liver, it can ensure that energy absorption occurs even quicker than it would from eating carbs. 


Why should I include MCTs in my food? 

When a meal includes MCTs, there is a substantial increase in the calories burned. This calorie-burning produces the thermogenic effect, which works to boost your body's metabolism, therefore helping the remainder of your food to be better converted into energy.

Now, it's important to note that MCTs are only proven to improve metabolism. There is no research to show that they can burn fat. But assisting the metabolism is a great way to help more of your food turn into energy rather than fat. 

An additional bonus is that they are low in carbs and calories, so they can provide you with long bursts of energy without you needing to revert to heavy caffeine. 

How can I add MCTs to my diet? 

As MCTs come in a concentrated oil form, you can add them to virtually anything. We love adding a few drops to our favourite nutritional lattes to create an energising, caffeine-free brew. You could also stir MCT oil into a few tablespoons of Cacao latte and make a decadent chocolate drizzle to enjoy over… well anything! 

You can place it in smoothies, your Superfood Breakfast Bowl or as a salad dressing. You can use it for baking and frying too. It is completely odourless and tasteless, so it can be added to sweet and savoury dishes.


Some extra facts

  • MCTs are also valuable for people who struggle with Candida Albicans. Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the gut, which leads to symptoms of bloating, fatigue, head fogginess, thrush, sinus issues, and in some cases cystitis. 
  • MCTs contain caprylic acids, which rupture the candida membrane and help fight off the bacteria.
  • MCTs are also given to Alzheimer's patients and athletes to assist in concentration levels as both of these groups often have depleted glucose levels. 
  • MCTs can supply energy for the brain, and researchers suspect that the ketones produced when consuming MCTs can provide an alternative energy source for these cells to gain more clarity.
  • It can also be used as sunscreen, moisturiser, shaving lotion, makeup remover, added to body scrubs or consumed in sports drinks to increase performance.

Overall, MCTs are an amazing addition to your diet that provide a good source of fats and energy to your diet without the calories.